AMBOCA takes late lead in U13 win

Tying the game three times before finally taking their first lead late in the second half, AMBOCA Ecological Services beat Mobile Maintenance 6-5…

Tying the game three times before finally taking their first lead late in the second half, AMBOCA Ecological Services beat Mobile Maintenance 6-5 Wednesday at the Canada Games Centre in U13 soccer league play.

“For me, I think that was one of the most exciting games we’ve had,” said AMBOCA coach Hanne Hoefs. “I really enjoyed it; it was fun.”

Down 5-4 late in the second half, Trygg Jensen tied it for AMBOCA, knocking in a rebound off the side of the Mobile net from a direct kick from Andrew Scoffin, who also picked up a previous goal.

That and two other goals paved the way for Jensen’s MVP status.

“Because he was playing his heart out,” said Hoefs of Jensen’s MVP credit. “Non-stop, he didn’t let-off and it paid off.”

The gamewinner, which came off the foot of AMBOCA’s Peter Joe Jensen, was a bit fluky. Just over half, Jensen let loose a long-bomb of a shot that sailed over the Mobile defence and goalkeeper.

Failing to capitalize on a couple scoring opportunities, Mobile’s Aidan Bradley was nonetheless named his team’s MVP.

“He played really well, in defence especially,” said Mobile coach Bob Murkett.

Mobile began the game taking a quick 2-0 lead in the first 3:30 of play. Riley Andrew headed in a short-range shot followed by a Kieran Halliday scoring his first of three.

Liam Webster also added to the Mobile total with a second half goal.

Lone goal gives Medicine Chest win

In a league in which double-digit scores are nothing out of the usual, it is refreshing to see a game where both sides are struggling just to get on the scoreboard.

This was the case as Medicine Chest defeated Austring, Fendrick, Fairman & Parkkari in a game that consisted of just one goal in U11 action Wednesday at the Canada Games Centre.

After a scoreless first half, Med’s Reed Philpott broke the nil-tie halfway through the second. With a cluster of players fighting for possession at the side of the Austring squad’s net, Med’s Akshay Malhotra managed to send a crossfield pass to an open Philpott who rifled a kick into the top corner from five yards out.

“He’s really been coming on all year,” said Medicine Chest coach Doug Hnatiuk of Philpott.

“We played him in net last year quite a bit. This year he’s been sharing the duties in net with another fellow, Akshay, who got the assist on the goal.

“So tonight afforded us the opportunity to get both players playing out on the same line, and they played really well together. They passed it and Reed just lasered it right in, just like in practice.”

With his team firing on all pistons, Hnatiuk had to take a second to determine which of his players would don the final MVP title as the league shuts down for the holiday season.

“Boy, they were all great tonight,” said Hnatiuk. “If I had to pick one player though, I think Jenine (Vickerman) played really well — she was really great.”

Double hat trick by Soin puts Hortons on top

According to Alex Soin, scoring six goals in one game is no easy task.

“It’s hard,” said Alex, when asked what it’s like to double a hat trick. “I usually only score one or two in a game.

“I got passed to a lot more.”

Soin’s prolific scoring helped raise his Tim Hortons team to a 7-2 win over Coates Services Yukon Ltd. Wednesday in U11 play.

Hortons’ remaining goal was scored by Casson Fleshman, who also picked up the MVP nod from his coach.

“He just played hard,” said Hortons coach Jag Soin of Fleshman. “They all played hard, but he had four assists in this game.”

Coates scorers were Alex Hansen and Austin Bourque.

Other results

Tuesday U7

Pelly Construction 10, Jacob’s Industries 1

Pelly scorers: Jake Charlton 7, Damon Kanary 1, Dominic Cheeseman 2, MVP n/a

Jabob’s scorers: William Lamoine 1, MVP n/a

Tuesday U9

Murraya Dental 2, Impact Well Drilling 0

Murraya scorers: Carl Knickle 1, Antoine Dion-Lafortune 1, MVP Isak Parker

Impact: MVP Malorie Hanson

Blindheim Trucking 5, Kilrich Industries 0

Blindheim scorers: Harrison Ullrich 3, Gabriel Nadon 2 goals.   MVP Harrison Ullrich. 

Kilrich: MVP Shayla Bierlmeier.

Tuesday U15

Energy North 9, Alkan Air 6

Energy scorers: Kamran Idress 1, Robyn Fortune 2, Jack Lanigan 2, Martin Sealy 2, Felix Bouchard 1, Daniela Raillard 1, MVP Daniela Raillard

Alkan scorers: Kyle Risby 2, Robin Stacey 1, Jazmine Carey 2, Kyle Bisson 1, MVP Fiona Azizaj

Woodhouse Business Consulting 6, Locksmith Services 5

Woodhouse scorers: Brendon Au 1, Adam Torgerson 3, Maya Poirier 1, Robbie Borud 1, MVP Ian Wintemute   

Locksmith scorers: Joaquin McWatters 1, Alex Ordonez 4, MVP Alex Ordonez 

Monday U11

Coldwell Banker 7, Medicine Chest Pharmacy 1 

Coldwell Banker scorers: Logan Harris 3, Yuranty Pourier 1, Graydon McDonnell 3, MVP Yuranty Pourier

Medicine Chest: Samual Bonar 1, MVP Jenine Vickerman

Monday U13

Better Bodies 6, M&A Yukon Inc. 2

Better Bodies scorers: Matthew Smith 2, Travis Banks 2, Tannicka Reeves 1, Kasey Fernandes 1, MVP Tannicka Reeves

M & A Yukon Inc. scorers: Was Landon Worsfold 1, Noah Kitchen 1, MVP JJ Paul

Sportslife 5, Pristine Auto

Care 4

Sportslife scorers: Owen Hedstrom-Langford 3, Riston Annau 1, Colin Kabanak 1, MVP Stephanie Avery

Pristine scorers: Tyler Koenen 2, Ti Nordahl 1, Nicola Lazeo-Fariman 1, MVP Tynisha Pye

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