Air North and Kluane Drillers tops in Rec league

Whitehorse Recreational Hockey League standings: (win-loss-tie, points) Division A 1st Air North, 16-11-2, 34 2nd Boston Pizza/Yukon Radiator,…

Whitehorse Recreational Hockey League standings:

(win-loss-tie, points)

Division A

1st Air North, 16-11-2, 34

2nd Boston Pizza/Yukon

Radiator, 15-12-2, 32

3rd Whitehorse Mustangs,

15-11-0, 30

4th Yukon Appliance, 14-11-2, 30

5th Cinderwood, 12-13-3, 27

6th Southern Tutchone, 7-21-1, 15

Division B

1st Kluane Drillers, 15-4-5, 35

2nd Environmental Dynamics,

12-7-5, 29

3rd Sports North, 12-8-3, 27

4th Narrow Gauge, 12-8-3, 27

5th Alwarid & Associates,

9-11-4, 22

6th Game7 Sports, 7-13-3, 17

7th Envirolube/Alkan Air,

2-18-3, 7

Scoring leaders (goals-assists-points, penalty minutes)

Division A

1st Derek Johnstone, Boston Pizza,

47-62-109, 50

2nd Joe Martin, Yukon Appliance,

43-34-77, 26

3rd Mike Young, Boston Pizza,

36-33-69, 18

4th Ryan Kinney, Air North,

25-42-67, 10

5th Ryan Hodgins, Southern Tutchone, 29-33-62, 58

Division B

1st Doug Roberts, Kluane Drillers,

30-35-65, 4

2nd Tyler Murray, Kluane Drillers,

36-27-63, 6

3rd Dale Kulych, Sports North,

21-39-60, 14

4th Jordan Johnston, Game7

Sports, 31-21-52, 39

5th Adrien Bergman, Narrow

Gauge, 20-29-49, 2

Goaltender stats (win-loss-tie, goals against average)

Division A

1st Mitch Heynen, Whitehorse

Mustangs, 8-5-0, 3.92

2nd Scott Smeeton, Whitehorse

Mustangs, 4-6-0, 4.36

3rd Tytus Hardy, Air North,

10-2-2, 5.14

Division B

1st Matt King, Kluane Drillers,

13-2-3, 2.83

2nd Tytus Hardy, Narrow Gauge,

3-2-2, 3.86

3rd Jeff Kalles, Environmental

Dynamics, 2-0-0, 4.00

Tuesday results:

Game7Sports 7

Sports North 7

Mike Beauchamp led the Game7 crew with four goals, while Danny Crawford netted two and Ben Cole added one.

Dale Kulych and Mitch Malchow scored a pair each for Sports North, and Derrick Hynes and Terry Slonski rounded out the scoring in this game.

Alkan Air 8

Narrow Gauge 4

Shawn Taylor and Peter Mostyn both scored hat tricks for Alkan Air, while Huy Chau scored once and assisted on three more. Paul Hamilton added a single as Alkan doubled up on the Gauge.

James Maltby netted three for the outnumbered Narrow Gauge, and Phillip Harry scored once and had three assists as well.

Whitehorse  oldtimers hockey

Wednesday results:

Firth Rangers 5

Kilrich 3

The Rangers’ Tim Turner-Davis led the scoring with a hat trick, while Dave Borud and Tom Amson added goals as well.

Kilrich’s Tim Vincent netted a pair of goals, and Joel White added one.

Edgewater Hotel 4

Klondyke Dental Molars 3

Dave Ecker scored a pair for Edgewater, and Sean McAskie and Brent Stokes scored as well.

Woody Bennett scored twice for the Molars, and Mark Pinter added one.

Indoor soccer

Under-11 (Monday)

Assante 3

Alkan Air 0

Sameen Bhullar, Ryan Chippett and Mike Wintemute scored for Assante, and Ben Deacon and Heiko Nyland shared the shutout and the MVP spot.

Miranda Walsh was named Alkan’s top player.

Territorial Auto Parts 7

Whitehorse Star 3

For Territorial Auto, Landon Worsfold and Travis Banks scored two each, and Dominic Korn, Liam Janke and Connar Morgan added goals. Christina Anderson was the MVP.

Trenton Pumphrey scored two for the Star, and Daria Jordan scored as well. Tristan Jordan took the MVP nod.

Mic Mac Toyota 7

Sale Salvage 5

Belgie Nunez scored three goals for Mic Mac, and was named MVP. Yuigi Blackburn added a pair, and Nicola Lazeo-Fairman and Aaron Vienneau added goals as well.

Sale Salvage scorers were MVP Peter Joe Jensen, with a pair, and Eric Fekete, Emily Dorosz and Logan Frasher.

Intersport 5

Rafter A Ranch 0

Intersport’s MVP Andrew Scoffin scored three, as they closed the gates on the Ranchers. Meghan Lanigan scored two goals as well.

Ryley Andrew was named the Ranch’s top hand.

Budget Rent A Car 6

ReMax 4

Owen Hedstrom-Langford led the Budget scorers with two goals, and Stacey Macklon, Matthew Smith, Nicolas Dobush and Jessica Christensen scored as well. Elijah Ens was the most valuable rental.

Michael Bennet scored two for ReMax, and Brendyn Gendrom and Kieran Morehouse added singles. David Grove was named ReMax MVP.

Under-nine (Wednesday)

Coates Services 5

Tim Horton 4

Hannah Milne led Coates to victory, scoring four goals, while Brayden Klassen added a goal as well. Kyle Jacobs was Coates player of the game.

Luka Van Randen had a hat trick for Tim Hortons, and Benjamin Grundmanis netted the fourth. Janelle Cousins took top player honours.

Brouwer Claims Canada 6

Elks 3

Chris Torgerson scored five times for Brouwer, and Jarvis Scheffen added one. Austin Bourque took MVP for his goalie skills.

Peter Jacob scored twice for the Elks, and Ross McBee scored as well, and earned the MVP. 

Mobile Maintenance 4

Better Bodies 1

Logan Harris, Alex Hansen, Jacob Fitzsimmons and Lauren Leslie all singled for Mobile Maintenance and the MVP went to sisters Alexandra and Quintessa Maltais, who are leaving for Australia and won’t be back again this season.

Shaun Clarke singled for Better Bodies and Izaak Lazeo-Fairman was named MVP.

Under-seven (Tuesday)

Murraya Dental 4

Boston Pizza 3

Jaden Demchuk led the Dental with three goals, and Jordan Huebschwerlen took MVP honours.

For BP, Jonas Leas scored a pair and JJ Cannings was named top player.

Cross-country skiing

The Lorne Mountain Classic was held on Saturday at the Lorne Mountain Community Centre.

Here are the top finishers:

Open men, 10 kilometres

1st Colin Abbott, 30:42

2nd Logan Potter, 31:35

3rd Jeff Wood, 32:06

Open women, 10 kilometres

1st Emily Nishikawa, 36:03

2nd Bryn Knight, 36:20

3rd Sarah Murray, 39:50

Midget boys, 5 kilometres

1st Fabian Brook, 19:38

Midget Girls, 5 kilometres

1st Dahria Beatty, 19:09

2nd Kendra Murray, 19:55

3rd Holly Bull, 25:17

Mini-midget girls, 2 kilometres

1st Morgan Paul, 10:03

2nd Emily Wilson, 10:05

3rd Nahanni Dynes, 10:11

Mini-midget boys, 2 kilometres

1st Trevor Bray, 8:51

2nd Dylan Meikle, 9:22

3rd Sebastion Lapres, 11:35

Peewee boys, 2 kilometres

1st Elias Sagar, 11:54

2nd Kieran Allen, 12:03

Peewee girls, 2 kilometres

1st Natalie Hynes, 10:45

2nd Eliza Paul, 11:00

3rd Zoe Painter, 11:14

Atom boys, 1.2 kilometres

1st Francis Reid

Atom girls, 1.2 kilometres

1st Hannah Shier, 7:09

2nd Maggie O’Connor-Brook, 7:27

3rd Sophie Janke, 8:17