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44th annual Sport Yukon Awards Night celebrates athletic achievement

The evening honoured athletes, coaches and volunteers for their efforts
Winners from Flatwater Yukon accept their awards on stage at the 44th annual Sport Yukon Awards on Dec. 4 in Whitehorse. (John Hopkins-Hill/Yukon News)

The 44th annual Sport Yukon Awards Night was Dec. 4 at the Yukon Convention Centre in Whitehorse, giving 21 sports clubs and organizations and opportunity to recognize the achievements of athletes, coaches, volunteers and administrators.

Hosted by NDP Leader Kate White, the event included a piano performance from Clayton Chapman, an alpine skier and member of the Subzero Volleyball Club, as well as a speech from John Streicker, minister of community services.

Of the dozens of award winners, three were on stage multiple times.

Stian Langbakk was recognized as Shredder of the Year by Snowboard Yukon as well as Junior Athlete of the Year by the Yukon Orienteering Association, Cassi Jensen was recognized for athletic achievement by Judo Yukon as well as winning the women’s Most Dedicated Athlete Award from Basketball Yukon, and Chad Williams was recognized as the U17 Player of the Year by Wolf Pack Basketball and the men’s Most Valuable Player by Basketball Yukon.

All together, awards were given out by Snowboard Yukon, the Yukon Gymnastics Association, the Arctic Edge Skating Club, Flatwater Yukon, the Whitehorse Glacier Bears, Athletics Yukon, the Yukon Orienteering Association, the Yukon Canoe and Kayak Club, Biathlon Yukon, Table Tennis Yukon, the Equine Association of Yukon, Swim Yukon, Wolf Pack Basketball, Volleyball Yukon, Judo Yukon, Cross Country Yukon, Special Olympics Yukon, the Yukon Badminton Association, Basketball Yukon, the Yukon Freestyle Ski Association and the Alpine Ski Association.

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Snowboard Yukon

Female Athlete of the Year: Riley Boland

Male Athlete of the Year: Sammy Mather

Shredder of the Year: Stian Langbakk

Most Improved, Comp Team: Ben Machtans

Most Improved, Shredder: Aven Stutton

Volunteer of the Year: Vanessa Brault

Yukon Gymnastics Association

Athlete of the Year: Mackenzie Tonner

Compulsory Athlete of the Year: Sascha Nelson

Hardest Working Competitive: Lily Witten

Most Sportsmanlike: Ava Jampolsky

Most Improved Competitive: Gracie Sands

Most Improved Pre-Competitive: Charlie Mason

Hardest Working Pre-Competitive: Amelia Blackie

Arctic Edge Skating Club

Skater of the Year: Mikayla Kramer

Sportsmanship Award: Bronwyn Hays

Most Improved Junior Skater: Kayla Huffman

Most Improved Intermediate Skater: Madisyn Millar

Most Improved Senior Skater: Sarah Milton

Can Skater of the Year: Sophie Gishler

Program Assistant of the Year: Myla Turner

Flatwater Yukon

Top Overall Athlete: Julianne Girouard

Top Canoer: Kaleb Parry

Top Kayaker: Rogan Parry

Most Improved Athlete: Bruce Porter

Rookie of the Year: Anya Lera

You’re Awesome!: Patrick Jackson

Whitehorse Glacier Bears

Volunteer of the Year: Doug Petriw

Volunteer of the Year: Stacey Cairns

Athletics Yukon

Most Improved Trail Runner: Hannah MacDonald

Most Committed Runner: Karin Keely-Erikson

AY Sportsmanship Award: Angus Clarke

Top Master Female Runner: Anett Kralisch

Top Running Family: Jody & Dave Eikelboom

Top Master Male Runner: Dominic Bradford

Yukon Orienteering Association

Coach of the Year: Pia Blake

Coach of the Year: Colin Abbott

Junior Athlete of the Year: Stian Langbakk

Most Improved Intermediate: Anneke Aasman

Most Improved Intermediate: Adney Karais

Most Improved Beginner: Kieran Horton

Yukon Canoe & Kayak Club

International K1 Youth Junior: Hunter Vincent

International C1 Youth Senior: Mael Pronovost

Adult Program Volunteer: Luke Mcrris

Volunteer of the Year: Sean Stark

Youth Program Volunteer: Olivier Roy-Jauvin

Longtime Volunteer: Vern Beebe

Biathlon Yukon

Rookie of the Year: Cole Germain

Male Athlete of the Year: Jake Draper

Female Athlete of the Year: Veronica Porter

Table Tennis Yukon

Most Improved Player: Raghvi Sharma

Most Innovative Player: Krish Sharma

Equine Association of Yukon

Coach of the Year: Inge Sumanik

Volunteer of the Year: Bonnie Dixon

Junior Athlete of the Year: Laina Prentice

Senior Athlete of the Year: Joey Lavoie

Horse of the Year: Mojo

Swim Yukon

Territorial Swimmer of the Year: Amelia Barrault

High Performance Award: Amelia Ford

High Performance Award: Thomas Gishler

High Performance Award: Alex Petriw

High Performance Award: Aidan Harvey

High Performance Award: Kassua Dreyer

Wolf Pack Basketball

Volunteer of the Year: Tanya Mackenzie

Coach of the Year: Paul MacDonald

U-17 Player of the Year: Chad Williams

U-16 Player of the Year: Kiiwaadin Swan

U-15 Player of the Year: Max Zimmerman

U-14 Player of the Year: Ethan Wilks

U-13 Player of the Year: Miguel Portea

U-12 Player of the Year: Ethan Stoker

U-12 Player of the Year: Carlos Magsucang

Volleyball Yukon

Male Player of the Year: Arcel Siosan

Female Player of the Year: Kendra Peters

Most Dedicated Female Player: Jennifer Tuton

Coach of the Year: D’Arcy Hill

Volunteer of the Year: Lisa Vowk

Lifetime Achievement: Peter Grundmanis

Judo Yukon

Athletic Achievement: Lia Hinchey

Athletic Achievement: Jaymi Hinchey

Athletic Achievement: Cassi Jensen

Athletic Achievement: Judy Russell

Athletic Achievement: Jonathan Racine

Athletic Achievement: Scottie James-Shepherd

Cross Country Yukon

Volunteer of the Year: Jean Paul Molgat

Volunteer of the Year: Grant Abbott

Junior Skier of the Year: Derek Deuling

Junior Skier of the Year: Sonjaa Schmidt

Senior Skier of the Year: Dahria Beatty

Senior Skier of the Year: Emily Nishikawa

Special Olympics Yukon

Athlete of the Year: Ernest Chua

Most Improved Athlete of the Year: Gracie Ryckman

Heather Milner Sport Volunteer of the Year: Annie-Claude Letendre

Lynne Smith Event Volunteer of the Year: Amica Sturdy

Yukon Badminton Association

Athlete of the Year: Anton Menzel

Athlete of the Year: Gabrielle Belanger

Most Improved: Christopher Blakesley

Most Improved: Lily Kremer

Most Dedicated: Lukas Kobler

Most Enthusiastic: Austin Hu

Leadership in Coaching: Caroline Thibault

Basketball Yukon

Most Valuable Player - Male: Chad Williams

Most Valuable Player - Female: Maren Bilsky

Most Dedicated Athlete - Male: Orrin White

Most Dedicated Athlete - Female: Cassi Jensen

Up and Coming Athlete - Male: Angelo Caringal

Up and Coming Athlete - Female: Maura Gallant

Yukon Freestyle Ski Association

Fundamentals – Most Improved: Tomas Sutton

Fundamentals – Most Dedicated: Tammo Waldron

Fundamentals – Team Player: Will Sutton

Freestylerz – Most Improved: Mavik Mackinnon

Freestylerz – Most Dedicated: Brendan Nash

Freestylerz – Team Player: Alex Wilson

Pre Comp – Most Improved: Alex Arsenault

Pre Comp – Most Dedicated: Neil Mikkelsen

Pre Comp – Team Player: Zeb Blower

Alpine Ski Association

Outstanding Performance at Canada Winter Games: Greta Gladwin

Fastest U-16: Wesley Vangel

Rookie of the Year: Julia Florentin

Most Improved Racer: Annie-Claude Heffner

Hardest Working Coach: Eugene Hawes

Fastest U-14: Tori Vollmer