Our Team

Stephanie Newsome
867-667-6285 ext. 203
Stephanie Newsome leads a talented and passionate team of multi-media journalists, consultants, designers, and press plant employees who all work hard to make the Yukon News your community connection. Stephanie joined the Yukon News in 2010 after a 20-year radio news broadcasting career in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Ashley Joannou
867-667-6285 ext. 222
Ashley Joannou has worked as a journalist in the territory since 2011. She came to the Yukon via newspapers in New Brunswick and Alberta. In the territory she has covered the justice and municipal politics beats. She has won multiple BC/Yukon newspaper awards for her coverage of issues including the treatment of inmates with mental health concerns.

Jackie Hong
867-667-6285 ext. 224
Jackie Hong cut her journalism teeth running through that Canadian city everyone else loves to hate. She gravitates towards stories involving courts, crime, injustice and cute animals, and is apparently the newsroom’s token millennial. Her incoming text alert tone is a Pikachu squeal.

Julien Gignac
867.667.6285 ext 227
Julien Gignac has been a reporter since 2015, working for APTN, the Toronto Star, and The Globe and Mail. Writing about Indigenous and environmental issues make him tick. He covers the legislature for the Yukon News.

Stephanie Waddell
867.667.6285 ext 231
Stephanie Waddell has been reporting in the Yukon since 2000, enjoying a front row seat to everything from the 2007 Canada Winter Games to the Yukon Quest and more. She is most at home covering the goings on at City Hall, reporting on the decisions impacting the every day lives of residents and businesses. When not reporting what’s happening around town, she can be found chauffeuring her nearly eight-year-old twins around town.

Crystal Schick
867.667.6285 ext 223
Crystal Schick hails from the province where she can watch her dog run away for three days. She is an amateur crokinole player and a master leftse maker. Domestically she has worked for several major daily newspapers and magazines across Canada. Internationally, she has photographed everywhere from the Kurdish front lines during the war against ISIS in Iraq, to rural farmers living across the African Savanna. Now, she has made her way to explore Canada’s great north.

John Hopkins-Hill
867.667.6285 ext 221
John Hopkins-Hill came to the Yukon News after learning the ropes in small-town Alberta. A diehard sports fan, he’s adopted the mantra that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. He covers both kinds of news, sports and recreation, in the territory.

Stephanie Simpson
867.667.6285 ext 208
Stephanie Simpson comes with years of customer service and is ready to help you grow your business. And she loves pugs!

Morale Officer
Gizmo is the official keeper of good spirits at the Yukon News. He informs the publisher when the staff are in desperate need for pizza, but his primary role is to relieve stress by offering himself up for belly rubs.

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