Our Team

Stephanie Newsome
867-667-6285 ext. 203

Stephanie Newsome leads a talented and passionate team of multi-media journalists, consultants, designers, and press plant employees who all work hard to make the Yukon News your community connection. Stephanie joined the Yukon News in 2010 after a 20-year radio news broadcasting career in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Stephanie Waddell
867-667-6285 ext. 231
Stephanie Waddell has been reporting in the Yukon since 2000, enjoying a front row seat to everything from the 2007 Canada Winter Games to the Yukon Quest and more. She is most at home covering the goings on at City Hall, reporting on the decisions impacting the every day lives of residents and businesses. When not reporting what’s happening around town, she can be found chauffeuring her nearly eight-year-old twins around town.

Haley Ritchie
867-667-6285 ext. 222
Haley Ritchie has reported for newspapers across the country as a freelancer and staffer, from Ottawa to Squamish. In that time she has hung from cliffs, risked camera gear in leaky rowboats and bluffed her way into fancy ballrooms in pursuit of unique stories about people, politics and the outdoors. She covers the Yukon legislature and federal politics for the News.

Jim Elliot
867-667-6285 ext. 224
Jim Elliot recently made the long and scenic drive from his lifelong home in southern B.C. to join the Yukon News. He is focused on the court beat but also enjoys writing stories that deal with science, wildlife and the environment. Although the news of the day must often cover darker subjects Jim thinks that it is important for a community newspaper to celebrate the community’s triumphs and document its history. It is already plain to him that Whitehorse and the Yukon as a whole is a community worth celebrating. A lover of wild places and wide-open spaces, Jim is looking forward to seeing as much of the territory as possible.

Gabrielle Plonka
867-667-6285 ext. 224
Gabrielle is a reformed city mouse who began her journalism career in broadcast at CTV Vancouver. The call of long-form print brought her north in 2019, where she now works with an intrepid and inspiring team of journalists.

John Tonin
687-667-6285 ext. 223
John Tonin moved from Hamilton, Ont. and has been working as a journalist in the Yukon since 2018. In his first years in the Yukon, he covered sports, including two Yukon Quests and one Yukon River Quest. Now, you can catch him writing about several topics but he will always enjoy engaging with the Yukon’s sport scene. When not working, John is essentially a golden retriever who enjoys hiking and chasing down frisbees.

Stephanie Simpson
867-667-6285 ext. 208
Stephanie Simpson comes with years of customer service and is ready to help you grow your business. And she loves pugs!