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Today’s mailbox: Volunteering, time changes and remembering friends

Letters to the editor published Oct. 2, 2020

Women’s Auxiliary keen to get back to work

This is an open letter to my fellow members of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Whitehorse General Hospital, which I am also a member.

First things first, I would like to say a big thank you once again to my fellow members of the Women’s Auxiliary for the honour of being nominated for the City of Whitehorse Volunteer of the Year 2020.

I, and I believe my fellow Women’s Auxiliary members very much miss doing our volunteer work at the hospital. We share with the patients and staff smiles, a few words of kindness and hope to make their day a little brighter. We have a cart, which we call a tuck, that is filled with treats, personal care items, newborn baby items, etc., which we take around the patient wards and staff areas.

Some of you may have this question: “Why are you not doing your work now?”

My short answer — COVID-19 is why we are unable to do our volunteer work at the hospital now.

I pray and hope that this coming year, 2021, we as members of the Women’s Auxiliary will be back doing our volunteer work and celebrating 120 years of being part of the Whitehorse General Hospital.

Thank you.

Greg Talbot


Time change halt only complicates matters

The following is an open letter to MLA Nils Clarke.

As my MLA I hope you will bring to the attention of your caucus colleagues the ridiculous situation come Nov. 1 that Yukoners will find themselves in.

We will be one hour out of sync with Vancouver – our primary airline hub – and two hours out of sync with Alaska. This makes no sense at all.

Is this really what the results of the daylight savings time survey showed?

Or might it have showed that Yukoners were indeed keen to stop swapping back and forth, but in a way that made sense with our immediate neighbours?

This is what the Government of British Columbia did. They passed a law that would see them stay on daylight savings time as well, but have (wisely) chosen not to implement it until Washington, Oregon and California are able to do so as the crazy U.S. political system is holding things up right now.

Perhaps the government’s goal is to create a new marketing niche for us? “Yukon — the Newfoundland of the North”, “On Yukon time — Yes, it really is a thing” or “Yukon — one hour late and a non-refundable plane ride, sorry.”

Nancy Campbell


Regarding the recent passing of a true Yukon gentleman

On a cold December day a few years ago, I got this phone call at my then Air North office from a longtime pal, Stephen Frost, living way up in Old Crow:

“Hey Joe, I really wanted to send you something nic to put under your tree this year, so I’ve been poking around the Old Crow dump all morning long but I just couldn’t find a single darn thing out there for you to enjoy. So I thought that I’d best just call to at least wish you and yours a Merry Christmas down there in Whitehorse.”

Following that phone call, I just howled for the rest of the day.

Well, Stephen, I’m sure going to miss that unforgettable aroma of fresh-baked bread drifting from your kitchen all around your home on those early mornings.

Goodbye, old friend!

Joe Muff