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Today’s mailbox: Hidden Valley, road cameras and customer service at Canadian Tire

Re: ‘The department’s ‘response’ has been appalling”

Re: ‘The department’s ‘response’ has been appalling”

The recent article regarding sexual interference within Hidden Valley School has deeply affected many community members.

It is distressing to think that a school environment would be created where predatory individuals are able to access those vulnerable.

Our blessings go out to those parties involved, may wounds heal and may they be redeemed in spirit as they journey in their new lives. May truth and justice be served.

It is with great relief that both the Yukon Child and Youth Advocate and the Department of Education will conduct a thorough investigation of the school system to ensure safety for all.

We are a society of diverse life ways, traditions, cultures and ideologies. The public school system in Canada, ideally, creates a space where all feel safe and can thrive.

Recent news from Manitoba states that an Education reform bill — Bill-64 — seeks to improve parent choice and involvement in schooling by creating more independently run schools, and by replacing elected school councils with an appointed system for newly formed provincial school districts.

It is a huge cause for concern as many diverse voices would become muted with this “reform”.

Dear parents of Hidden Valley, much like you, we desire a world where children and youth are safe to explore and grow. It has truly been a terrifying world these past few years and decades. Please assist us in adding our names to yours, so that we might be united in our mission to create safe and secure spaces for children, youth, and diverse members of our school and wider community. We are also deeply concerned that this issue was not brought to public attention sooner.

We challenge this community, and those involved in our public schools, to continue to support this system, so that even those small in number, are able to feel secure and valued within one of our most important societal institutions.

We also call for support to those employed or seeking employment in public schools, parents, community members, in accessing upgrading and instruction from public accredited post-secondary Canadian educational institutions.

Signed in unity,

Concerned citizens for a robust, equitable, safe, transparent and diverse public school system.

A thanks for great service

I think it is important to highlight local businesses that provide great customer service.

I have always liked the service at Canadian Tire. I think they have a great team.

Recently, I had a problem with a fairly expensive item purchased at Canadian Tire. After only a brief discussion, they did the right thing. They put me, my customer goodwill, first, and they did so honourably. Not only did they do the right thing, at their expense, but they are also monitoring the process as it moves forward.

Good on you!

Warmest Regards,

Stace Burnard

Regarding street cameras

I am looking forward for road cams coming to Whitehorse!! I am tired of the dangerous irresponsible driving behaviour I’ve been observing lately! Twice today I was driving North passed the Kopper King (doing the speed limit). On both occasions each driver behind me passed me using the left turn lane. The second vehicle had a child passenger in the car!! This vehicle was then tailgating an RV on the North Klondike. The RV then went to turn left after signalling and the tailgater had to hit the brakes because of driving too close, but the amazing part was the tailgater laid on the horn! This is not the first I have seen people in Whitehorse using left and right turn lanes to pass!!

I do hope a camera is put at the lights at the Alaska highway and the south access. I am tired of people coming up on the right side of traffic and flooring it passing a line of traffic on the right side and then screaming into the left using the right turn lane for McLean Creek Lane. Slower traffic won’t use the right lane because drivers won’t let them into the left lane, so don’t blame people for staying in the centre lane.

What emergency is there that you have to put your life and others at risk with these poor driving and illegal driving behaviours?

Finally, I am not clairvoyant, or a mind reader, put another way. So when you are: changing lanes, passing or turning your car off the street or road you are on, let the driver behind you know what you are going to do by using a turn signal.

Definitely looking forward for the street cams for Whitehorse. Hope tickets or charges will change the driving behaviours before someone else dies or is maimed for life

Loretta Westman