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This week’s mailbox: the Dawson egg toss, electoral reform and vaccines

Egg toss is a waste

Egg toss is a waste

Very sad to see on page 5 of last Friday’s Yukon News [Dawson welcomes spring with Thaw Di Gras Carnival; March 18] that the folks up in Dawson still think it’s OK to waste high protein food for fun and games during the Thaw Di Gras weekend egg-toss event. In fact the photo included in the article shows they line up for the chance to do so.

Not only is it a sorry sight while hunger here and around the globe is still a grave humanitarian issue but it is a poor way to teach children about the importance of respecting — not wasting — food.

Perhaps the ravens in Dawson would disagree with me?

Julie Frisch


Watch for electoral reform updates

On March 25th, the Special Committee on Electoral Reform is hearing three more submissions by electoral reform experts via video conferencing.

At 9 a.m., Dennis Pilon, Associate Professor, Department of Politics, York University will make a submission. Mr. Pilon is an expert on electoral reform. His book, “The Politics of Voting: Reforming Canada’s Electoral System”, is very popular with proponents of electoral reform. You can watch this live on Zoom.

At 11 a.m., Graham White, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Toronto will speak. Professor White’s area of expertise is politics and the political institutions of the North. His most recent book is “Made in Nunavut: An Experiment in Decentralized Government” which he wrote with Jack Higgs. You can catch this on ZOOM at

At 1 p.m., Dr. R. Kenneth Carty will make a second submission to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform about the use of Citizens Assembly in the lead up to the British Columbia 2005 referendum on electoral reform. (Dr. Carty’s first submission was on the history of the two electoral reform referendums in British Columbia.) Dr. Carty is not only a well-regarded expert on electoral systems, he is also an engaging speaker. I look forward to his hearing. You can watch on ZOOM at

All of the above hearings will also be available live on the Yukon Legislative Assembly facebook page.;

Recordings of all three hearings will be made available on the Yukon Legislative Assembly website;, under Public Hearings. If you missed the January hearings, recordings of these are now available as are the numerous public submissions by Yukoners.

Linda Leon


Why still keep some unvaccinated home?

Dear Mr Silver

It appeared you were going to do the right thing, but now you have tripped up again.

Continuing to persecute and segregate the unvaccinated from gainful employment in health-related jobs is still unscientific and unnecessary.

As we have stated before, a healthy unvaccinated person without COVID-19 cannot spread COVID-19, and is no more likely to catch COVID-19 than a vaccinated individual.

So to continue to segregate the healthy unvaccinated is unacceptable.

Your government has spent millions on testing for the vaccinated to allow them to travel, etc. Why can’t you spend some minor amount on continuing to test unvaccinated individuals who want to work? Better yet, don’t waste the money, as there is no point in testing healthy people.

You trust the vaccinated to stay home if they feel they are at risk of being infected. Why can’t you give the unvaccinated the same privilege?

By the way, it would sure be nice to hear from you, and be provided with some actual science to back up your policy on this decision.

Respectfully and vaccinated,

Rick and Debbie Savage