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This week’s mailbox: Fair Vote Yukon

Dear Special Committee on Electoral Reform in Yukon:

Dear Special Committee on Electoral Reform in Yukon:

We have reviewed the Special Committee on Electoral Reform Interim Report and understand that there will be a second Yukon Bureau of Statistic Survey “specifically on citizens assemblies” expected in the New Year.

Considering all feedback from the SCER hearings and submissions, FVY continues to see expert and public support for creating a Citizens Assembly to publicly examine the issue of electoral reform. A non-partisan, independent citizens assembly where regular people learn and consult with more Canadians and experts and make educated decisions about the best system for their community is the key.

A Citizens Assembly, already tried and tested in Canada is ideal for determining an electoral system that best suits the progressive changes recommended through the 2022 SCER hearings. The investment will continue to be worthwhile and supported if the SCER recognises that the Yukon people have the capacity to make educated decisions on their governance and how we elect our leadership.

The Yukon, with its small population, accessible communities, high level of technology, diverse population base, educated public and very progressive First Nations, is the perfect place for a Citizens Assembly. General Assemblies are a collaborative and accepted governance style in the Yukon.

FVY recognizes the knowledge, background, and experience of many qualified local speakers on electoral reform. We would hope that their informed presentations have influenced you to work with confidence towards a successful citizens assembly process.

A survey can be an effective planning tool if eligible voters are well informed. The 1st Survey was an ineffective and confusing questionnaire that 6,129 very determined Yukon people managed to fill out, and it left a bitter taste. A similar repetition will result in a similar outcome.

We hope that the 2nd Survey questionnaire is focused on the educational benefits of a Citizens Assembly, as defined throughout the hearings. This will prepare Yukoners for Electoral Reform.

Trusting that all moves forward smoothly and effectively, we remain,

Yours sincerely,

Sue Greetham

Sally Wright

JP Pinard

Dave Brekke

Fair Vote Yukon