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Letter: An open letter to Premier Ranj Pillai


Dear Premier Pillai. I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing on behalf of All-West Glass Whitehorse Ltd. and the wider Whitehorse business community and private community to express our sincerest appreciation for your recent statement concerning the ongoing efforts to address the situation around 405 Alexander Street in downtown Whitehorse. We commend your commitment to building communities that work for all Yukoners, emphasizing the need to balance various interests and prioritize the well-being of both the downtown residents and local businesses.

We are encouraged by the steps your government has taken to address the challenges surrounding 405 Alexander, as outlined in your statement. These initiatives are essential in fostering a safer and more vibrant downtown core for all members of the community. However, in order to ensure the successful implementation of these measures, we would like to stress the importance of clearly defined timelines and deadlines.

Without specific timelines, it becomes challenging for us and other stakeholders to hold the Government of Yukon and its partners, such as Connective and the Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN), accountable for their commitments. It is vital for transparency and public confidence that we have a clear understanding of when these initiatives will be rolled out, monitored and evaluated for their effectiveness.

We propose that a timeline framework be established to accompany each of the outlined short, medium and long-term actions. By setting measurable goals and deadlines, all stakeholders will be better equipped to track progress, identify challenges and collaborate effectively to address any issues that may arise.

Timelines will also provide a basis for regular updates to the public, ensuring that the community remains informed about the progress of these important initiatives.

In closing, we wish to reaffirm our dedication to working alongside your government, local business owners, downtown residents and service providers to find a comprehensive solution that benefits all parties involved. We look forward to your continued support and updates on the progress of these initiatives and the establishment of timelines for their implementation.

Thank you for your commitment to addressing this complex issue and for your attention to our concerns. We believe that with collective effort and clear timelines, we can create a downtown Whitehorse that is safe, prosperous and welcoming for all.

Laura Leonard