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Yukon Quest president Bev Regier retires after 18 years

Yukon Quest president Bev Regier said the choice to retire was a “difficult decision.”
Bev Regier is retiring from the Yukon Quest after spending 18 years with the organization. John Tonin/Yukon News

Bev Regier, the president of the Yukon Quest board of directors on the Canadian side, is retiring after 18 years of volunteering with the organization.

“It was a very difficult decision to make,” said Regier. “The Quest has been a part of my life for the past 18 years and a good part of it. It is time to step back and let other people do the work and get some young blood in there.”

Regier began volunteering with the Quest almost immediately once she moved to Whitehorse from British Columbia.

“I had never heard of the Yukon Quest when I moved from Victoria, but I needed some friends and thought I’d volunteer,” said Regier.

Regier brought customer service skills to the Quest early on and grew to be involved in more fundraising efforts. Her work helped expand the organization’s outreach, but also acquiring items for various auctions over the years.

In her 18 years, Regier is responsible for raising over $1 million for the organization through raffles, online and silent auctions, memberships and sponsorships.

“We live in a wonderful place in the Yukon and so many of the merchants have been so kind and helped me out with sponsorships, and selling raffle tickets,” said Regier.

Other accomplishments Regier said she was proud of, included getting a float in the Christmas parade and getting a sign put up on the highway.

“We got a float in the parade and Rob Cooke brought his sled and some beautiful Siberian huskies,” said Regier. “The sign on the highway has Michelle Phillips on it. I wanted people to know about us.”

As she steps away, Regier said she will fondly remember all the people she has met along the way.

“I really looked forward to when the Quest starts here,” said Regier. “My friends from Germany and back east would come. People don’t realize the family part of it, you have friends for life.”

When her predecessor takes over, Regier hopes they will continue the good work the Quest has been doing.

“We work really hard for the Quest,” said Regier. “It has matured and it is a business. I think we have a great reputation around the world. It brings tourists to the Yukon. I just want everything to continue.

“I’m hoping we can keep it going and be successful. The major thing is to make sure the dogs are well kept after.”

Now that she is stepping back, Regier said she’ll get to enjoy the upcoming race in a different capacity.

“In 18 years that I volunteered and done different positions at the Quest I have never sat down at a banquet,” said Regier. “I’m always doing the silent auction or raffles. I’m also excited to sit back and watch the race and watch it come and go as I want.”

The Yukon Quest, Regier said, will be holding its AGM and voting on board positions on June 23.

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