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Whitehorse city council approves disc golf course

Whitehorse will soon be home to a world-class 18-hole disc golf course.

Whitehorse will soon be home to a world-class 18-hole disc golf course.

On Monday evening the Whitehorse Disc Golf Association received the green light from members of city council to build a course near Yukon College, in the McIntyre Creek area.

Whitehorse is already home to a number of disc golf courses, but the proposed course would be in a whole other class.

The 18-hole course would be classified a championship course, meaning it would be much longer and challenging, but would accommodate both high-level and novice players.

It would meet the requirements of the Professional Disc Golf Association, so Whitehorse could host major tournaments.

DiscGolfPark, a Finnish company, has offered to design the course for only 50 per cent of the cost.

There was never any opposition from members of council to approve the conditional use application.

“What we’ve learned over the past few weeks is that there is a dedicated group of individuals involved with this organization that have brought a great opportunity for recreational pursuits within the city of Whitehorse, for an area that’s under-utilized,” said councillor Samson Hartland on Monday.

The association had previously received a five-year licence of occupation from the Yukon government, with the understanding that the site be available to the public and restored following the termination of the license.