this photograph reminds me of something


The people and plane in this photo are unidentified.

It is from the Hare Collection/Yukon Archives. Also unknown is the period.

But the dog team beside the plane reminds me of a photograph the late Dave Hammond from the Carcross-Marsh Lake area took in the 1940s.

Evidently, Dave was travelling by dog team in the bush, farther south than he usually travelled, when he came across a blinding snow storm.

Then, surprisingly, he came against what appeared to be a wall. Not being able to properly see, he backed up the team and camped. The next morning he was amazed to see that he and his team had bumped flat

against a large US bomber.

Dave, who was a good photographer, lined up his dog team alongside the bomber and took a picture. Later he found that three US bombers had crashed in what they would later call Million Dollar Valley.

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