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Sexual harassment case appealed

Both sides of a Yukon sexual harassment case are appealing the decision.

Both sides of a Yukon sexual harassment case are appealing the decision.

In August, the Yukon Human Rights Board found the owner of the clothing store Intersport, Mark Hureau, guilty of sexually harassing a former employee, Devon Hanson.

The complaint was filed in 2010. At the time Hanson was 18 and Hureau was 43.

In addition to being her employer, Hureau was also Hanson’s high school basketball couch.

The high-profile case made public several mildly salacious text and email messages between the two.

While there was no evidence of physical misconduct, the human rights board found that Hureau’s behaviour did constitute a mild form of sexual harassment.

The board awarded no damages to Hanson, ruling that the media attention the case garnered was is enough punishment for Hureau.

“The board believes the formal finding of discrimination is the necessary and sufficient act to serve not only as a punitive consequence to Mr. Hureau, but also as a censure and cautionary example to other Yukon community organizations and businesses,” wrote the board in its 21-page decision.

But Hanson disagreed.

She’s appealing the boards decision and demanding $30,000 compensation.

Hureau has also filed his own appeal.

In a statement of claim, he argues that the board, among other things, failed to consider contradictory evidence, relied on its own research and didn’t provide an opportunity to challenge or respond to that research.

Hanson is asking for a new hearing and for compensation for damage to his reputation.

He also wants the court to cover the cost of his appeal.