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Road Dogs Music Supply owner Willow Gamberg ‘overwhelmed’ by community support after break-in

The thief or thieves took upward of $5,000 worth of equipment including several guitars
Willow Gamberg, owner of Road Dog Music Supply, stands out front of her business after reopening on Sept. 21. The store was broken into on Sept. 18. (John Tonin/Yukon News)

On Sept. 18 Road Dogs Music Supply was broken into. Upwards of $5,000-worth of equipment, including several guitars, a work laptop, cash box and many pedals were taken, said owner Willow Gamberg.

The store itself, which shares space with The Coffee Shop, was also vandalized.

Gamberg expressed thanks to friends Kirsty Wells and Taya Fraser who mobilized quickly and started a GoFundMe campaign. As of Sept. 22, $5,970 had been raised.

“I don’t even know what to say,” said Gamberg. “I had no idea that people enjoyed the store this much and cared this much about their fellow businesses. It’s completely overwhelming. I’m just so insanely grateful.”

Support also came from fellow small business owners.

“The minute I put up the social media post people were calling and texting me and a bunch of small businesses reached out and offered their support,” she said.

Road Dogs Music Supply reopened after the break-in on Sept. 21. Gamberg said it’s a “violating” feeling knowing someone was in there checking it out but has decided, in conversation with The Coffee Shop owner, to not let suspicion take over.

“We decided we aren’t going to take that route,” said Gamberg. “We’re going to try and remain open and loving with all our customers and hope that people don’t do that again.”

Gamberg said she believes in the community that comes into the store.

“We have people from all walks of life in the store and I want to keep it that way.”

Gamberg said she’s working with the RCMP to hopefully catch the culprits. The RCMP has been trying to identify who did it based on security footage from the buildings across the street.

She said she believes that the break-in was targeted and not “an opportunist break-in from the street.”

“They had gloves on and tools and stuff with them and I’m sure they wore masks,” said Gamberg. “The items that they took were pretty specific. They took only the Epiphone heavy metal guitars and the pedals that go with them.

“I think they knew what they were doing.”

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