Ride for Dad participants cruise down Main Street on Aug. 8. (Gabrielle Plonka/Yukon News)

Ride for Dad participants cruise down Main Street on Aug. 8. (Gabrielle Plonka/Yukon News)

Ride for Dad Yukon raises over $70,000 for prostate cancer research

Ride for Dad broke its previous years fundraising record by raising over $70,000 for prostate cancer research

Ride for Dad had 125 motorcycle riders participate in the Aug. 8 drive through the city — a few less than previous years. Despite the lower number, the ride still raised over $70,000 for prostate cancer research.

“We had less than usual which is partially due to the weather and COVID, but we only count how many participants do the ride,” said organizer Sean Secord. “But, we always have successful weekends and we have great events with great support from the Yukon community.

“So, we have another one in the books.”

The $70,000-plus raised for prostate cancer research is a record for the Yukon Ride for Dad chapter – about $20,000 more raised than previous years.

“As the day was progressing, looking at the national website, we were third for overall money raised,” said Secord. “And that’s behind places like Ottawa and Manitoba that have 1,600 riders.”

Some jurisdictions have not done their Ride for Dad events yet, but it’s assured the Yukon will have raised the most money per capita in the country, said Secord.

“The Yukon chapter of Ride for Dad has received the award several times,” said Secord.

On top of the over $70,000 raised over the weekend, the Yukon chapter raised over $20,000 in April during its comedy night.

Secord said this speaks to the incredible generosity of Yukoners.

“The support that we receive is routine and consistently from businesses and other organizations,” said Secord.

Secord said the Whitehorse firefighters gave Ride for Dad $2,000 from a fundraiser they did earlier in the year.

The Ride for Dad event began at Shipyards Park then travelled to Front Street. It went up Main toward Fourth then along to Robert Service Way. They took the Schwatka Lake road, then once on the highway they rode the Tagish loop, then headed back to Shipyards.

It was a great ride and day, said Secord.

“There’s so many positive aspects, the camaraderie of the bike ride is great,” said Secord. “Then contributing to a cause that needs more input because there’s not a lot of research, or new direction going on in the prostate cancer world.”

The ride also raises awareness about prostate cancer, said Secord.

“There’s the fact that men are really bad at preventative health care and getting screening and being proactive,” said Secord.”

Secord said the hope is to hold the Captains Club meeting in the fall to recognize the people who raised over $1,000 each.

The money raised comes from donations from businesses and societies, as well participants collect pledges from family, friends and coworkers.

“A huge thank you to our community and our supporters,” said Secord. “It’s an amazing place to live. We all know that. But this is just one of those examples that shines the light on what a great community we have here.”

Ride for Dad began in Ottawa in 2000. The Yukon joined the Ride for Dad family in 2010.

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