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Privacy regulators call for adequate privacy protections

Jason Pedlar of the Yukon is among those federal, provincial and territorial privacy regulators
Jason Pedlar, the Yukon’s Ombudsman and privacy commissioner, is seen at his swearing in ceremony on May 27. (Justin Kennedy/Yukon government)

The Yukon’s information and privacy commissioner is among federal, provincial and territorial privacy regulators who are calling on governments and stakeholders to uphold “privacy, security, transparency and accountability” in order to realize the benefits of secure digital identity.

In a world powered by technological advances in information and mobile communications, data protection authorities across Canada have issued a joint resolution to ensure that secure digital identity is designed and carried out with adequate privacy protections.

An Oct. 24 release notes that digital identities are part of a global trend intended to enable individuals, businesses and devices to efficiently and securely connect with one another, confirm identities and execute transactions online and in person.

“Privacy guardians across Canada understand that the use of a digital ID ecosystem is a tremendous opportunity,” Jason Pedlar, the territory’s information and privacy commissioner, said in the release.

“However, we also want to ensure that governments consider and mitigate privacy concerns throughout the development of such an ecosystem, to ensure it is widely trusted by Canadians and others around the world.”

A resolution struck during a meeting in St. Johns, Newfoundland in September outlines the elements to include when creating and operating a digital identity ecosystem.

Those elements include using a privacy impact assessment; assuring that only necessary personal information should be collected or used; digital identity systems must be able to be assessed and audited and subject to independent oversight; individual participation should be voluntary and optional; and governments should be open and transparent about the purposes of digital identity systems and what personal information will be collected, how will it be used and by whom.

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