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Planned power outage affecting southern lakes on Saturday

Pole changes and maintenance requires turning the power off
Robinson sub-station on the Carcross Road. (Lawrie Crawford/Yukon News)

The power is going off for 3,700 people in the southern lakes area for four hours on Saturday.

“The work is being performed on a Saturday due to the fact that this will affect schools and daylight is needed for the amount of work required,” reported ATCO Electric’s operations supervisor, Tony Badry.

But you might have missed the notice.

If you go to Yukon Energy’s website, it looks like it’s only Johnson’s Crossing’s residents who will be without power. But since it is ATCO that actually distributes electricity to customers, their website needs to be checked as well.

ATCO’s “planned outage” page has a list of six planned outages, and the third one down talks to a power outage south of the Wolf Creek campground. The outage will span from south of the Wolf Creek Campground to Teslin outskirts, and around the full loop from Golden Horn, through Mount Lorne, Carcross, Tagish and Marsh Lake.

On November 2, ATCO’s Facebook and Twitter feeds made the announcement of the November 6 outage for between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

So in case anyone missed the tweet, or the paragraph on their website, or the Facebook post or didn’t see a poster or get a call from the company – it’s going to happen.

If you are one of ATCO’s 3,7000 customers affected by the outage, you will need to eat breakfast early, leave a bit of extra coffee in a thermos, and do not plan to bake, operate shop equipment, or have a hot lunch on Saturday.

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