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Northwestel seeks CRTC approval to increase internet speeds, lower rates

The plans would improve internet performance while lowering rates by $10 per month
Northwestel is looking to increase internet speeds and lower rates. (Yukon News file)

Northwestel has submitted two tariff applications to increase internet speeds and lower rates by $10 per month, the company said in a release on Aug. 31.

The applications are subject to Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications (CRTC) approval.

“We know Northern customers want to see continuous improvements in the value of their internet service and that’s why Northwestel has laid out its plans to improve speeds and lower rates on our most popular internet plans,” said Curtis Shaw, Northwestel president.

The proposed changes would see download and upload speed increases and rate decreases in every residential unlimited internet plan.

As an example, a residential customer with 250 Mbps unlimited internet would see their speeds increase to 300 Mbps automatically. Business unlimited customers would also see a speed increase.

The application for increased speeds was submitted on Aug. 19 while the application for reduced monthly fees was submitted to the CRTC on Aug. 20.

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