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Looking back at 2009

The NWT men’s darts team who competed at the 2008 National Championships were, back row from left, Rory Gordon, Jason Elgie, Danny Clouston, Dean Willis, Norm Sanderson, Elvis Beaudoin; front row from left, Mike Lindsay and Paul Morey. Missing from the photo is John Gordon. NNSL file photo

It’s Looking Back for a Wednesday and this time, we go and see what was happening on or around March 27, 2008.

Spring was definitely in the air as those enjoying time off were busy getting in whatever they could before going back to school, while our very own columnist Walt Humphries was in a giving mood. And Ernie and his rubber duckie were busy peeking through the window. Not creepy in the slightest.

We’ve been away with this feature for a bit, but you’re always welcome to suggest a year you’d like us to profile. Call me at 867-873-4031 ext. 2118 or e-mail


Sylvie Boisclair, owner of The Yoga Centre, was sad to be closing her business, but also happy to finally have some vacation time. NNSL file photo
Walt Humphries, then-president of the NWT Mining Heritage Society, presents Tom Hall of the Yellowknife Community Foundation with a $25,000 donation as they stood next to the Walter Gibbons mineral display. NNSL file photo
Up to their necks in snow, Sesame Street’s Ernie and his rubber ducky wave at passers-by on the street. NNSL file photo
Mark Macy, left, 54, from Evergreen, Colorado rummages through his equipment for Cathy Allooloo before setting out in the second Annual BHP Rock and Ice Ultra. NNSL file photo
Connie Hinchey performs during the Caribou Capers concert at NACC. NNSL file photo
Enjoying the beautiful weather on the last day of spring break are, from left, Eli Golchert, 8, Jim Golchert, Lauren Poitras, 8, and Emmery Golchert,2, line up for a face off. NNSL file photo
Jacob Vaters takes the plunge at the Ruth Inch Memorial Pool. NNSL file photo
A worker with Nuna Logistics floods a portion of the Tibbitt to Contwoyto ice road using a typhoon pump. An early start flooding the road meant more loads could be accommodated earlier. Photo courtesy of Joint Venture Management Committee