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Here’s how Yukon’s political parties financed their 2021 elections campaigns

Chief electoral officer released the latest territorial election financing report
Political materials left over from the 2021 territorial elections campaign trail, seen on May 3. (Dana Hatherly/Yukon News)

The public disclosure of the money behind the latest territorial election leaves a trail of how Yukon political parties financed their campaigns.

The chief electoral officer’s report on 2021 territorial election financing is published online and was tabled in the Yukon legislature on April 28.

It shows the Liberals were the only ones to end the election period with a surplus, which amounted to $8,350. The Yukon Party finished the event with a deficit of $99,500. The NDP also ended in the red with a deficit of $107,500.

The Yukon Party spent the most at almost $294,500, while the Yukon Liberal Party spent $186,100 and the Yukon NDP spent $179,800.

The Liberal Party and the Yukon Party raked in similar dollar amounts, with the Liberal Party taking in nearly $194,500 and the Yukon Party bringing in $195,000. The NDP had a revenue of $72,300.

A breakdown of election financing reports by candidates in each electoral district shows 13 candidates with the highest revenue and expenses by riding won. The remaining six winners pulled through without having the highest revenue and expenses in comparison to their competitors by riding.

In total, the Liberal Party had 193 contributors, which includes 81 contributors to the party and 113 contributors toward candidates. The party’s highest contributions received were $5,000 from Pemberton Management and Consulting and Billy and Lilly Restaurant Corp. Ltd.

Ketza Construction contributed $2,500 to both the Liberal Party and the Yukon Party.

Air North provided $3,500 in in-kind contributions to the Liberal Party and the Yukon Party.

Chieftain Energy contributed $1,000 in regular unleaded gasoline or diesel to the Liberal Party, and close to $1,000 in regular fuel to the Yukon Party.

A total of 260 contributors gave to the Yukon Party, including 120 contributors to the party and 140 contributors toward candidates. Midnight Sun Drilling contributed the highest amount to the party at $15,000. Ewing Transport Ltd. and two numbered companies – 12963 Yukon Inc. and 45325 Yukon Inc – each contributed $5,000. Tombstone Outfitters based in Lethbridge, Alta. gave $4,000, Worldwide Trophy Adventures based in Sydney, Australia gave $3,000 and Aaron Florian of Salt Lake City, Utah gave $2,500 to the Yukon Party.

The NDP received monetary contributions from 379 contributors, 82 of which were more than $250. The highest amount was $1,280 from Lois Moorcroft.

Each political party and every candidate must file statutory reports that show total revenues and expenses under financial provisions legislation contained in the Elections Act.

All election financing returns had to be filed by July 19, 2021, and reports were due Aug. 6, 2021, unless a political party had an approved extension.

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