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FH Collins to get new roof before demolition

The new Whitehorse Correctional Centre will cost $67 million, says Justice Minister Marian Horne. She offered the figure in the legislature on Tuesday, after two days of prodding from opposition members.

The territory plans to spend $315,000 repairing the roof of FH Collins Secondary School this summer just as the building has been slated for demolition.

There’s no choice in the matter, says James McCullough, spokesperson for the Education Department.

The roof over the gym and old wing is beginning to leak and needs to be re-shingled, he said.

To leave the roof untreated would risk making the school wet and mouldy. That would be unsafe for students, he said.

A new school is to be built by 2013 for a cost expected to exceed $25 million, said Education Minister Patrick Rouble.

Designs are to be drawn up this year, and ground is to be broken in 24 months.

It remains unclear how long students will occupy the old building. This depends on whether the new school is put in the same location - requiring early demolition of the old building - or elsewhere on the property.

Apparently, such design decisions have not yet been made.

Department staff examined different options to repair the roof, said McCullough, and concluded a new roof is the only fix.

“They looked at the most cost-effective way of doing things. That’s just work that has to be done.”

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