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Dawsonite performs some heart surgery

DAWSON CITYDiana Andrew demonstrated her vivacious nature in an interview about her latest project, a campaign called Restore Dawson’s Heart…


Diana Andrew demonstrated her vivacious nature in an interview about her latest project, a campaign called Restore Dawson’s Heart of Gold.

Following recent political and economic difficulties in the town, she wants to shift the current negative attitude of Dawsonites towards the positive.

“I do a lot of listening to people who come into my store and in the community,” she said when asked where her scheme came from.

People are feeling discouraged because of the recent political situation, said Andrew, who is proprietor of Dancing Moose Gifts.

Attitudes are the easiest thing to change, she added.

We need to bring the positive things to the forefront of our thoughts regarding the community, she said.

The best thing about Dawson is to be found in the hearts of the people who choose to live here, she said.

People need to remember that to counter the negativity that is currently festering, she said

“I hope that people will stand up and be counted and be more forward with the optimistic view of Dawson.”

People should write to The Klondike Sun with their positive stories of Dawson and the people within it.

“Everyone has their positive story of what drew them to Dawson and we need to remember those.”

Andrew was drawn to the Klondike by the open and positive spirit of its people.

People have ideas and their motives are pure, though their acts tend to go unnoticed, she said.

Because the town was feeling blue, Kirsten Atkins organized a Masquerade Ball to cheer people up and raise funds for the local Humane Society.

The event was largely ignored.

A family with a sick member was recently put up by a hotel so that it could be closer to medical services, another act of kindness that received no attention.

People tend to dwell on how many residents leave the community rather than focusing on the new ones who come to fill the spaces.

Balance is needed; people need to stop accentuating the negative, said Andrew.

She’s motivated by the desire to bring about the development of a new, more positive attitude.

Sure, there have been hard times. But people have to move on, she said.

We need a grassroots effort to keep one another feeling good, she added.

Andrew said she admires the old values that still thrive here — look after one another, do unto others as you’d have them do unto you, what goes around comes around…. The wide variety of its people who come from all walks of life contribute to the beauty of the community.

“This is a community where everybody here wants to be here because it’s easier to be somewhere else.”

The negative attitude spreads socially, Andrew said. It’s everywhere because it’s news. It’s the uncertainty of wondering, “where does this all lead?”

Andrew asks, “are there things we can do to make the pendulum swing the other way as a community?”

How we present ourselves as a community determines how we attract visitors and how we continue to thrive, she said.

Andrew said she would like some kind of action to develop out of her campaign.

To get people out and talking about what it is they like about Dawson City would be a good start, she added.

Buttons to be worn in support of this initiative can be picked up at Dancing Moose Gifts.

If people are unable to visit the store during business hours, Andrew urges them to call her at 993-5549 to arrange another time.