The Yukon government sign in front of the main administraton building on Second Avenue. The territory’s four registered political parties in 2019 accumulated a total of $257,740.17 in 2019, according to an annual report by Elections Yukon. (Mike Thomas/Yukon News file)

Contributions to Yukon Liberals account for 60 per cent of all 2019 political party revenue

The Yukon Liberal Party made the most revenue of the territory’s four registered political parties in 2019, according to an annual report by Elections Yukon, accounting for more then 60 per cent of the total revenue made by all parties last year.

The Liberals total revenue was $156,000.17, according to the recently-released report, the lion’s share of which came from revenue streams other than monetary or in-kind contributions.

The four parties combined raked in $257,740.17 in 2019. The Yukon Party came in second place with a total revenue of $55,676.70; the Yukon NDP, third with $44,543.30; and the Green Party, fourth with $1,520.

The Yukon NDP received the most monetary donations overall, pulling in $41,294.65 from 199 contributors. By contrast, the Yukon Party made $32,211.33 from 107 contributors; the Liberals, $22,195 from 54 contributors; and the Green Party, $1,500 from three contributors.

Among the largest contributions to the Yukon Liberals were a fishing trip from Midnight Sun Outfitting, worth $12,000; another fishing trip from Riversong Inn, valued at $2,500; and a $1,500 contribution from deputy premier Ranj Pillai. There were also $1,000 monetary contributions from Porter Creek Centre MLA Paolo Gallina, Nuway Crushing, TD Bank and Susan Walton, and on the in-kind side, a 65” television worth $1,000 from The Brick, a half-week stay at a beach house in Prince Edward Island worth $800 from Dave Irvine, and $775 worth of hotel stays from Northern Vision Development.

The report does not detail “other revenue,” from which the party made $106,585.17.

The largest monetary contributions to the Yukon Party came from then-interim party leader Stacey Hassard, who gave $1,798.86; Watson Lake MLA Patty McLeod, who gave $1,300; Keith Byram, who gave $1,275; and Gordon Steele, who gave $1,246.52. In-kind contributions included a half-day of dogsledding from Cathers Wilderness Adventures, worth $1,520; a one-hour flight from Rock Star Adventures Ltd., valued at $1,080; hotel stays from Northern Vision Development valued at $1,040 and a $500 tour package from Alcan Motor Inn.

The Yukon NDP’s largest contributors included Skeeter Wright, who gave $1,840; Max Fraser, who gave $1,275; and MLA Elizabeth Hanson, who gave $1,100. The party’s only recorded in-kind contribution that was worth more than $250 was a wedding ceremony from Sheila Dodd worth $500.

The lone monetary donation to the Yukon Green Party worth more than $250 was $1,300 from Mike Ivens, who ran for the party in Porter Creek North in 2016. The party did not report any in-kind contributions worth more than $250.

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