Contractors pile on

While Norcope's protest against the Yukon government continues, the company isn't the only one crying foul.

While Norcope’s protest against the Yukon government continues, the company isn’t the only one crying foul.

Castle Rock Enterprises is glad that the government’s tendering practices are getting some attention but they aren’t supporters of Norcope.

According to Castle Rock the entire Whistle Bend project should have been retendered when it was redesigned.

“Even now, Yukon Community Services refuses to allow Castle Rock the opportunity to review the revised tender form that was used to award this contract and wants to charge Castle Rock for the privilege of seeing copies of the amended design drawings; documents already paid for by all of us here in Yukon,” the company wrote in a letter. (see letter page 9)

They were reluctant to talk comment on the case as they are contemplating legal action against the government but say that they found the way the tendering was done for Whistle Bend very unusual.

“We’ve been trying to get some answers and we haven’t gotten any satisfactory responses,” said Paul Hutlet, vice president of Castle Rock.

The department of community services couldn’t be reached for comment by press time.

If they want to peruse legal action they’re going to have to get in line.

It was reported yesterday that the government is preparing for a hearing next week.

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