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A show that's both naughty and nice

Calling all sexual deviants and fans of ribald jokes and debauchery ... if you're looking for an evening of sass and satire, we've got just the thing. Varietease is back in town.

Calling all sexual deviants and fans of ribald jokes and debauchery ... if you’re looking for an evening of sass and satire, we’ve got just the thing.

Varietease is back in town.

Monday night was the undress rehearsal for the burlesque show’s latest incarnation.

This time it’s a burlesque carnival.

As the doors opened, guests were greeted by the shouts of a group of scantily clad men and women scattered throughout the stage.

Live music was playing that recalled some of Tom Waits best carnival-inspired orchestrations.

This is how the audience steps into the first act of the show, which is completely interactive and allows viewers to visit different booths while getting lubricated with a few drinks.

The show has everything that any good carnival should - a shooting gallery, cotton candy and a fortune teller.

There’s even bearded women and sexy Siamese twins.

A peep show allows you to fulfill all of those voyeuristic fantasies that you’ve long been trying to repress.

Or, if exhibitionism is more your thing, the Quickie Foto booth is available for carnival goers to have a picture snapped of themselves in one or two provocative poses.

The audience is encouraged to dress up (or down) so this might be a good way to show off your risque attire (or lack thereof).

There’s even a tattoo parlor where you can get the name or image of your favourite Varieteaser inked on your arm.

This section of the show is all too brief so if you hope to stop at each of the booths you can’t waste too much time.

The show’s second act is more along the lines of what audiences have come to expect from the previous two shows.

There’s some rocking live music, comedians, dance numbers (the first is particularly thrilling), singing, belly dancing and various other forms of naughtiness.

Master of ceremonies Cryus, played by Morgan Whibley, makes the show through a seemingly endless supply of off-colour one-liners.

That mustache of his will either start a trend or initiate a territory-wide ban - perhaps both.

One of the best parts of the show might actually be the less than subtle advertisements for each night’s sponsor.

Monday night’s sponsor was the Capital Hotel and the spots made the bar out to be a veritable Valhalla - replete with drinks, good times and beautiful people that find you (yes, even you) attractive.

But advertising a bar in a burlesque show is easy.

It will be interesting to see what this group of deviants comes up with to plug their four other nightly sponsors.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to this edition of the show.

The move to the Yukon Arts Centre from the Guild Hall has opened up a lot more space, but it feels a little less intimate.

It’s hard to fill the entire theatre with shouts and howls of encouragement for your favourite performer.

And depending on where they’re seated, audience members have to strain their necks to watch musicians, singers and dancers perched on top of two sets of scaffolding.

Every once in a while, you notice women dancing high up in the rafters - a great concept, but you might want to bring a set of binoculars to check them out.

All in all, Varietease’s burlesque carnival looks set to be as successful as the two shows that preceded it.

Audience members will leave thoroughly satisfied and with sticky fingers - cotton candy can be messy at times.

The show runs from Tuesday to Saturday night this week with shows kicking off at 9 p.m.

Special midnight shows will also take place on Friday and Saturday nights

Tickets cost $27.

A show is also scheduled for Dawson City’s Diamond Tooth Gertie’s on December 5.

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