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Maximize your tax credit with help from the experts

New travel tax benefits for northern residents offer significant savings, if you know how to file
Take a seat! Alex is ready to welcome you at the Tax Planning Centre inside Ashley Homestore in Qwanlin Mall, or by phone and online.

It’s time to prepare your 2021 tax return, and if you need a little help, Alexander Frei from Tax Planning Centre Whitehorse is ready to answer your questions.

“I’m here to make filing your taxes as easy as possible,” says Alex, who can help customers in person, online or over the phone. “Some of my clients in communities outside of Whitehorse and don’t want to travel to the city just to file their taxes. As long as you have a telephone and access to email or a fax machine, I can help them access the T-slips available from the CRA and file their return.”

Alex has 14 years’ experience in financial services. When he’s not doing tax returns he works as an investment and insurance advisor. He took over the Tax Planning Centre in Whitehorse four years ago, carrying on the service started by the original owner.

“The business has been in Whitehorse for 39 years, and now has franchises across the country. This location in Whitehorse started it all, and I feel a sense of pride in being able to continue the legacy,” he says.

New travel tax credit for northern residents

Northern residents can now claim up to $1200 in a tax deduction for travel to southern Canada for vacation, family or medical reasons. The benefit expands eligibility for a previous travel tax credit, which was only available to northerners whose employers paid travel benefits.

“Not everyone is aware of the change, which means many people may be missing out on significant tax benefits,” Alex says. “The method to claim the new benefit is a bit finicky, so most people would benefit from consulting an expert to make sure they’re filing correctly.”

Personal and small business returns

Find Tax Planning Centre inside the Ashley Homestore in Qwanlin Mall at 303 Ogilvie St., Whitehorse, or connect with Alex by calling 604-715-3637 or emailing To get help filing your taxes online, use the Tax Planning Centre portal at

During tax season from Feb. 21 to April 30, Tax Planning Centre is open six days a week from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., closed Sundays. No appointment needed. Tax Planning Centre can also help with small business returns for self-employed contractors, corporations and others.

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