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Did tax season just get easier?

Professional, expert financial advice does the hard work, so you don’t have to!
Tax Planning Centre can help take the headache out of tax season!

If the coming tax season is already giving you a headache, you’re not alone – taxes can be stressful. But with the right financial service company, they don’t have to be!

With Tax Planning Centre, you can look forward to a professional, private and convenient experience.

Recognized for their personal touch, TPC often works with repeat and word-of-mouth clients, continuing from one generation to the next. And, with their new online options, you can enjoy their services wherever you may find yourself in Canada or, when we do enjoy travel again, abroad.

Why tax preparation & tax planning?

The main objective of tax planning is to help you reduce the taxes you pay – by providing professional advice TPC helps you do just that! If you’re tired of paying high taxes, it might be time to start your journey toward the most efficient tax plan possible.

For tax preparation, whether for personal income taxes, small business and corporations or trusts and estates, TPC can help. For filing tax returns, ensuring businesses’ GST, PST and T2 filings are done accurately and on time, and assisting trustees in issuing their T3 slips to beneficiaries, as well as compiling and filing T3 Trust returns – they can do it all!

With competitive rates guaranteed, the professional, friendly staff will bring a customized plan in all your financial dealings.

Plus, with Docusign, you can now file your taxes from the comfort and the safety of your home, with any internet-connected device. The days of stressing over forms with pen in paper in hand are long gone!

“We’re really happy and excited to have this online option available, it’s really going to help change the game. It’ll make tax season even easier than it already is for our customers – they don’t even have to leave their homes,” notes TPC’s Alex Frei.

The savings don’t stop with tax season!

With services for accounting and payroll, CRA audit assistance, estate planning, retirement planning, tax planning strategies and tax preparation, year-round savings and solutions are here.

To take the first step on your financial journey, connect with them today!

You can also visit them online for more information.