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Cleaner energy for Yukon’s peak periods

Yukoners can monitor and control their Peak Smart technologies from anywhere, at any time. Impage courtesy Yukon Energy

How can Yukoners reduce our reliance on diesel generators during peak electricity demand in the winter?

Yukon Energy’s new Peak Smart Home program is one compelling answer.

Yukoners can sign up today for the Peak Smart Home program. The greater the participation, the greater the impact will be – and the brighter our climate and energy outlook.

How does Peak Smart Home reduce energy consumption during peak times?

Yukon Energy covers the cost of installing thermostats or hot water tank controllers in participating homes. In return, Yukon Energy will remotely adjust participating thermostats and controllers by a few degrees for a brief period during peak electricity demand – small changes you probably won’t notice, but will have a big impact on Yukon’s electrical grid. The result is that we will need fewer diesel generators and emit fewer greenhouse gases.

That’s good for Yukon’s environment, and good for Yukoners too.

All the advantages at no cost

Here’s more good news: It’s easy to sign up. It’s free. And you maintain ultimate control of your devices.

We know that you may have reasons to manage your home’s temperature settings. That’s up to you. You can monitor and control these technologies from your smartphone at any time – giving you peace of mind.

Adjustments to Yukoners’ settings are small, so they shouldn’t affect the comfort of your home. Photo courtesy Yukon Energy

The future of Yukon power

Yukon Energy’s Peak Smart Home program moves the Yukon to the forefront of managing demand for electricity.

We all want to contribute to a more sustainable Yukon, and we all want to meet our climate change goals without impacting our comfort. Peak Smart is one piece of the puzzle. If we all participate in this program to shift demand at peak times, we can reduce our collective reliance on diesel.

Sound like a good reason to enrol? Visit to sign up today.