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Canadian Creativity at its Best

Violet North Jewellery offers unique gift-giving options

With rugged northern terrain, reflections of Aura Borealis, and a quaint city nestled in Canada’s north, it is easy to see where Emily Weir draws her inspiration.

Always with a creative nature, Weir has recently launched Violet North Jewellery as an outlet for her passion for artistry.

“I grew up living in a creative space,” says Weir. “My parents encouraged me to have a creative outlet, to express myself through art.”

Whitehorse has a beauty all its own. Sitting by the Yukon River, Whitehorse lives at the base of three mountains; Grey Mountain, Mount Sumanik and Golden Horn Mountain. The Yukon extends north into the Arctic Circle. Raised in Whitehorse, Weir used this unique landscape as an impetus to create something reflective of northern life.

The collection ranges from polymer clay earrings to mala necklaces to resin products reflective of the northern culture. She is self-taught and, whenever possible, sources materials from Canadian suppliers. Instagram: @violet.north_  

Emily Weir's Violet North collection ranges from polymer clay earrings to mala necklaces to resin products reflective of the northern culture, with materials sourced from Canadian suppliers whenever possible.

Mala beads are typically stones, crystals, or sandalwood said to carry energy. The beads often include a tassel representing a connection to spirit or highest truth.

Polymer clay has gained in popularity in recent years and allows for distinctive designs. The resin collection incorporates light and colour, fostering a sense of northern reflection in many pieces.

Like many Canadians, Weir fell into a creative funk during the pandemic.

“But then it was time to wake up, re-ignite my passion for nature and art,” she says. “That is when I relaunched Violet North Jewellery on Shopify.”

Weir’s partner, Bryton Stevenson, encouraged her to consider sharing her art with a much broader audience.

“He helped me capture my creativity again,” says Weir. “He is such a support to me and taught me to look beyond the usual possibilities for my art. He helped me bring my creations to a larger stage.”

To re-ignite her creative energy, Weir turned to the great outdoors.

“Nature is all around, providing the perfect source of inspiration,” she says. “I often take pictures of different colours that are appearing in nature, different colour combinations that are particularly striking, and then turn that into a piece of jewellery, or resin piece.”

Long, dark winters with crisp temperatures provide the perfect conditions for some of the most stunning appearances of the Northern Lights. Weir sees this as a guiding light to her creativity.

With the holidays upon us, her timing couldn’t be more perfect. She ships within one to two days, and, depending on location, customers receive their unique purchase within two weeks. But don’t delay, as shipping can be slower this time of year with holiday volumes.