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Whitehorse twins’ jokes selected for Cards Against Humanity family deck

Carolyne and Quenton Doon are now part of the exclusive Funny Kids Club
Quenton and Carolyne Doon show off their selected Cards Against Humanity Family Edition submissions. (John Tonin/Yukon News)

Whitehorse is now home to two “of the funniest kids in the world!”

The Doon twins, Quenton and Carolyne, 10, joined the exclusive Funny Kids Club after Cards Against Humanity chose their cards for the Family Edition expansion pack.

David Pinsof, one of the Cards Against Humanity partners, said in an email there were 2,865 kid submissions for the new Family Edition glow-in-the-dark expansion pack. Of those submissions, only 13 were published — putting Quenton and Carolyne in esteemed company.

If getting their cards chosen wasn’t enough, Quenton and Carolyne received the latest Family Edition of the fill-in-the-blank game with their cards; as well, they got their card sent to them framed.

“I felt really happy,” said Carolyne. “And I am also really surprised because I actually got a photo frame.”

“I was very happy and surprised,” said Quenton after learning his card was selected.

Quenton’s card was “Throwing pickles at passing cars.” Don’t worry drivers of Whitehorse, Quenton’s card was not inspired by real-life events.

“No, definitely not,” said Quenton when asked if he’s thrown pickles at cars before. “I just thought pickles, then cars, and thought it’d be funny to throw pickles at cars.”

Carolyn Doon’s submission to Cards Against Humanity Family Edition was selected for the game’s most recent expansion pack. (Stephanie Waddell/Yukon News)

After coming up with the idea, Quenton said his dad told him that, although a funny idea, it cannot be practiced for real.

Carolyne’s card, “Eating a Christmas tree, ornaments and all” not only made the game, but it was featured on the Family Edition’s glow-in-the-dark box.

Pinsof said, in the email, cards chosen to be shown on the box were rated by the Cards Against Humanity partners “after discussion and play-testing.”

“We published the highest rated ones,” said Pinsof.

The idea for munching on Christmas trees was inspired by the family cat.

“Our cat Salem keeps jumping on the Christmas tree, and he keeps playing with the ornaments,” said Carolyne. “So pretty much it’s a joke about Salem and trying to eat them.”

Carolyne has no intentions of trying to eat a Christmas tree.

“Ew, no,” said Carolyne. “I don’t want to eat glitter… or paper.”

Quenton Doon’s submission to Cards Against Humanity Family Edition was selected for the game’s most recent expansion pack. (Stephanie Waddell/Yukon News)

When the new game arrived for the family to enjoy, the twins said searching out their cards wasn’t what got them excited, rather it was the packaging the game came in.

“Mom and Dad told us it was in a glow-in-the-dark box,” said Quenton and Carolyne in unison, as only twins could. “We rushed to the bathroom because it was the darkest place and turned off the lights.”

After verifying the glow-in-the-dark-ness of the box, they said it became more exciting to see their cards amongst so many others.

When they did crack into the newest family edition, Quenton said other kids came up with great ideas.

“I forget most of them, but I definitely know there were some that were really funny,” said Quenton.

Carolyne said her favourite card, which wasn’t her idea, was her brother’s.

Both Quenton and Carolyne said it’s a cool feeling to know that their cards are going to make people all over the world burst into hysterics.

“Amazing,” said Quenton. “I want to make people laugh.”

“I like to make people laugh,” said Carolyne.

When Cards Against Humanity came out with the Family Edition they encouraged kids to submit their ideas to their website. That’s how Quenton and Carolyne had their ideas selected.

For their funny ideas, the twins will receive any new Family Edition expansion boxes for free. When it’s time for new submissions to be taken, they both said they’ll work on some new ideas.

Perhaps something about their first news interview, they joked.

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