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Tempting the curse

The Guild Hall’s haunted house offered up its annual scares ahead of Halloween

There is one word that actors never utter in a theatre for fear of unleashing a Scottish curse that will wreak havoc on all who enter the building. That word — Macbeth — was however, “accidentally” said aloud this weekend at The Guild Hall by tour guides explaining the history of the theatre.

Moments after the word was said, the curse was triggered and all patrons who entered had to find their way through rooms filled with witches, grim reapers, insane actors and more.

This was the premise of this year’s annual haunted house by The Guild Hall which ran Oct. 24 to 26.

“It’s a very strong theatre superstition that you never say that name out loud in the theatre, but we feel we’re exempt because that is actually the name of our next play,” said Mary Sloan, haunted house volunteer and director of the next play, Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s Macbeth. “It’s kind of a complicated situation.”

Approximately 20 volunteers helped supply the frights at this year’s production, from set up to acting.

Visitors paid to enter by donation. The money will go towards production expenses at the theatre. Sloan said she’s not sure how much was collected or how many people visited the haunted house, but that there was a steady flow of people hoping to be scared, especially on the Saturday night.

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