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Letter: To Whitehorse citizens


The City of Whitehorse is rewriting its zoning bylaws. An online survey, prepared by the city, enables citizens to comment on zoning issues, but only until Jan. 5.

Among the issues, Yukoners Concerned believes that mining within city limits demands the attention of Whitehorse residents. If you want to see mining and mineral exploration kicked out of Whitehorse city limits, you must let the city know.


Mines are not “environmentally friendly”.

Consider the impacts of mining on our water, water that flows down to the Yukon River. Research is ongoing to determine if there is a link between the elevated levels of radon in subdivisions downstream of the old Whitehorse copper mine and the old mine workings. It is unclear whether exploration drilling may increase radon pathways through subsurface rock. (Radon has been linked to lung cancer).

We need long term studies on our ground and surface water before we risk polluting our water.

Mining activity will lead to increased dust levels and poorer air quality.

Mining will result in increased levels of noise next to residential properties.

Recreation areas adjacent to residential subdivisions will be compromised.

Mining next to a residential subdivision is certain to impact property values negatively.

Demand that the city remove “mining” and “mineralized rock” from the definition of Natural Resource Extraction. That will leave sand, gravel, etc. in the definition and bylaw. Ask the city to remove “mineral extraction” from section 6.15 of the zoning bylaw.

To register your comments, complete the survey at

The best place to enter your comments on mining within the city is in the Other Comments of Question 11 which asks, “Are there any types of environmentally friendly design you would like to see or that would work well in Whitehorse?”

Yukoners Concerned urges you to take the time to help protect our city from mining within the city limits.

Donald J Roberts

Chair - Yukoners Concerned