“The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude.

 “The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude.” (Aldous Huxley, novelist, 1894-1963)

“There’s the land, have you seen it?” RWS… The Yukon.

Essences are distilled by this place — it focuses you, focuses your moods, caresses you with its silence, awes you with its dazzling night skies in autumn, threatens you with its winter cold, mesmerizes you with its summer light, and entices you to hang around to see another overnight marvel called spring. It accepts us all with one credo — be prepared when you come into my wilderness, or die.

Jim Christy, a writer, was in Greenland, and wrote this about his experience:

“It is as if the land reveals the truisms behind all those clichés of the wilderness. You really do look out across the vast stillness and feel infinitesimal, an intruder, a blink of the eye in a timeless land but, at the same time, this is all yours. You are king on an enchanted place, and never before have you been so aware of your physical presence in the world.”

This is what CBC calls “an encore presentation.” A repeat.

I like what Jim says about places with space like ours and thought you would too. Greenland has even more empty space than we do, but too much of it is ice.  

Oh, I’m still hooked on using THE YUKON, and will keep on. I know our bureaucrats and politicians have divorced ‘The’ and ‘Yukon’, as being incompatible. Sorry, but the two are even more compatible than Cinderella and her prince who lived happily ever after, and as will THE YUKON.  

While we’re on about the Yukon, have you seen a copy of Air North’s new in-flight magazine? It’s titled YUKON, North of Ordinary. Now there’s a larger-than-life description we could live with for a long, long time.

A tip of the hat to the best in-flight magazine in the business, and all who were involved in its production and publication, and yes I’m prejudiced, and living “north of ordinary” is everything it’s cracked up to be.

Way to go, Joe, and everyone at Air North, The Yukon’s Airline, and thanks for the new golden phrase.

Something to ponder…

I remain just one thing and one thing only; and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician. Charlie Chaplin

Just wondering . . .

Well now, you’d have thought Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second were coming, or at least Helen Mirren, the way our national media pumped up Arnold, eh?

The governor of California, the Green Terminator, the owner of five Hummers, all hydrogenated, carbonated and belated to being just lawn ornaments so his GHG emissions are less than a cigar.

That’s the pitch and there’s nary a glitch, and our national media gobbled it and pitched it without a hitch, though I was just wondering how much GHG (greenhouse gas), was emitted by the factory to build five Hummers, say compared to our wee house’s GHGE?

There’s advice, like the above, and that to follow, which should come labeled “handle with care” …

A woman called the animal control department complaining she had a skunk in her basement. The advice: open the basement door, leave a trail of bread crumbs from the basement out into the yard.

She called back in 20 minutes, more agitated than before: “Thanks a lot. Now I’ve got two skunks in my basement.”

Hope: Cast your bread on the waters, hoping it will come back to you toasted and buttered. Anonymous

It depends on how you look at it!

Wee David, in Grade 2, was bumped while getting on the school bus resulting in a cut on his cheek. At recess he collided with another lad which knocked out two teeth, and at lunch he broke his wrist sliding on the ice.

In the hospital his dad noticed David was clutching a quarter in his good hand.

 “I found it on the ground when I fell,” he explained. “This is the first quarter I ever found. This sure is my lucky day!”

A tip of the hat to kids, and their enthusiasm about life. Should you ever have a “lucky day” like David, may you win Lotto 649 at the end of it.