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Raven Recycling Club returns

The 2008 Raven Recycling Club for Children has now started for the summer.The club is open to children who are Yukon residents and aged four to 16.

The 2008 Raven Recycling Club for Children has now started for the summer.

The club is open to children who are Yukon residents and aged four to 16.

It is also open to youth groups as long as the membership of the participants of these groups is from four to 16.

Both individuals and groups earn points in the club by returning refundable beverage containers to their community-recycling depot.

Points can only be awarded on refundable beverage containers.

Refunds, and thus points, are given on all ready-to-drink beverage containers sold in the Yukon, except for dairy and dairy substitutes.

Club members receive not only the cash refund for the beverage container, but also one point for every penny of refund.

For example, a $2 refund means 200 recycling club points as well.

Friends and relatives can also collect containers and points on behalf of participants.

They can ask for the points to be issued to the appropriate membership number when they take their recycling in.

When enough points have been earned the points can be redeemed for prizes.

To register a child in the 2008 Recycling Club complete the registration form on the back of the prize booklet.

This registration form assigns a membership number to each child participant.

Recycling Club booklets can be picked up from any Yukon recycling depot.

The official rules are also part of this booklet.

Remember to drop off the completed form, which must be signed by a parent or guardian, at a recycling centre or mail it in.

Raven Recycling administers the 2008 Recycling Club on behalf of the Yukon territorial government. Their address is in the prize booklet.

Note that membership numbers cannot be carried forward from previous years.

Each year each participant has to register anew and obtain a brand new membership number.

All Yukon recycling depots across the Territory participate in the awarding of points.

Thus any Yukon community-recycling depot will issue points when refundable beverage containers are taken to the local depot.

The depot cashier will give a refund plus one point for every penny’s worth of the refund.

In addition the cashier will issue a points coupon receipt.

Keep this receipt in a safe place as it can be used to verify the total amount of points earned over the length of the club.

When enough points have been earned, they can be redeemed for prizes.

The prize booklet has the listing of all the prizes and the number of points required for each one.

To claim a prize contact Raven Recycling.

Participants do not have to wait until the end of the summer to get prizes.

As soon as enough points have been earned they can be redeemed for a prize.

The points in each member’s account is verified through Raven Recycling.

Once that is done, a prize certificate is issued.

This prize certificate is taken to the store printed on the front of the certificate and redeemed, much like a gift certificate.

Raven Recycling can be contacted at 667-7269 or

The last day to collect points is Saturday, November 15th.

Lewis Rifkind is a Whitehorse based part-time environmentalist.