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One mighty mind reader

One mighty mind-reader If anybody needs insight into the nature of their heart or psyche, may I recommend Jim Borisenko, the augur of Tagish Lake. Although readers of Jim's Sept. 25 letter ("Intolerance must be exposed and opposed") might have gotten the

If anybody needs insight into the nature of their heart or psyche, may I recommend Jim Borisenko, the augur of Tagish Lake.

Although readers of Jim’s Sept. 25 letter (“Intolerance must be exposed and opposed”) might have gotten the impression that Jim knows me, we have, in fact, never met. I can only conclude, therefore, that Jim has a discerning nature that must come from a talent for divination or some other spiritual practice.

Truly, Jim must be possessed of a dazzling intellect and a faculty that would surpass the Oracle of Delphi for not only did he determine my character, but also the nature of my heart and mind simply from reading some of my letters to the editors of the Star and the News.

Jim’s talent for such interpretation might be amazing indeed, except for the fact that it is baloney. Jim knows nothing of me at all. Rather, he made assumptions to justify himself, then went for his leftist tool box - personal attacks, misrepresentation, intimidation, and other such weapons those of his mind-set employ to discourage, if not silence, opposing opinions.

Civil discourse is fundamental to healthy democratic debate. Unfortunately, writing like Jim’s is toxic to participation in the public arena and the exchange of ideas and policy positions that inform us, strengthen our civic IQ, and, hopefully, encourage us to get out and vote. Sure, perhaps a little “tempered” personal poke or two is OK, much like a good political cartoon, but hitting below the belt is not.

If Jim knew anything of me at all he would know that my heart is hot, not cold, for my family, my community, my country and my Lord. He would know that I care about people and that I don’t hate anyone. He would know that my letters are born of genuine desire to contribute positively to issues of the day by presenting other perspectives.

He would know that I support the Conservative Party because I believe that at present it still remains the best choice for the governance of our country, even though like many, I do not agree with all of their policies and am not happy with some of their antics. And he would know that I am vulnerable and fallible too, even when I am trying my best to get things right and do good. He should also know the occasional “slip” does not indelibly define character.

But all that is of no account, because Jim put on his high hat and his six guns bent for character assassination. Best be careful, Jim, that you do not wind up becoming that person you so revile and “exposing” yourself instead of me.

Of course we are all human and prone to quick judgements, errors and emotional outbursts, whether verbal or from the tip of our pens, but if followed by an apology that ought to end the matter.

Jim, although it was not my intent to offend anyone, it seems I have offended you, so I take this opportunity to apologize. Perhaps you might also feel inclined to apologize to me, but whether you do or not, I forgive you.

That’s what Jesus would do.

Hey, maybe we will bump into each other sometime, shake hands and have a cuppa together. I have a feeling we might have a lot in common and a lot to learn from each other.

Rick Tone