Letter to the Editor

Thankful As the president of the Whitehorse Legion I would like to convey my appreciation to those who supported and participated in the 2008…


As the president of the Whitehorse Legion I would like to convey my appreciation to those who supported and participated in the 2008 Remembrance Day activities.

It has been reported that more than 2,500 people attended the ceremony at the Canada Games Centre. Thank you, Whitehorse.

We started our poppy campaign with more than 20,000 poppies, and ran out, showing the level of interest in wearing a symbol of remembrance and freedom. To those who were unable to get a poppy, I sincerely apologize. We will get more for next year.

Please check out our “thank you” ads in the local newspapers.

Sadly, we experience a conflict of space in some locations. Community groups should understand that the Legion Poppy Campaign, the period when we raise funds to provide support to our veterans in need and to help in the purchase of medical equipment at Whitehorse General Hospital, is held each year during the two weeks immediately before Remembrance Day, and only during that period.

I would urge community groups to plan their fundraising activities at some other time, if at all possible. As well, when there is a table identified as being for the Legion, please leave it alone.

To conclude, I would emphasize that freedom is not free, has never been free and will never be free. It takes a proud Canadian service person to assure our freedom by serving in trouble spots, before those troubles reach us here in Canada.

Lest we forget… those who have served, those who have returned and those who are presently serving.

Comrade Red Grossinger


Editorial misses the point(s)

Re True tragedy of First World War forgotten (the News, November 12):

My grandfather fought in the First World War and was gassed.

He came home and did whatever he could to support his family.

He was proud to have served his country.

Reporter Tristan Hopper would diminish the contribution made by our brave soldiers. Eleven thousand people died in six hours? Get real! I am sure generals deliberately led their troops to certain death. Communication was far inferior and we still don’t have perfect communication.

Those people stood for something, which is more than I can say for anyone employed by the Yukon News.

Eight girls in Afghanistan were drenched with acid. Their crime? Attending school.

Our brave soldiers in Afghanistan know what they’re fighting for.

We should all have such a purpose in life!

Dale Worsfold

Watson Lake

For toes’ sake

For the past two years I’ve suffered from a nasty ingrown toenail, right foot, big toe. Ugly!

My normally beautiful toes became deformed due to a particular medication. At one point I had the sides cut off the offending nail, only to have it grow back with a vengeance.

After suffering a horrendous amount of pain, as only a ingrown-nail owner can relate, I hobbled into emergency and pleaded with them to yank this offending body part off. Which, thankfully, they did.

I will spare you the gory details of the barnacle growing beneath. I digress. Upon the new growth of this nail I realized it, too, would not grow as I had hoped and it was becoming infected and, yet again, I was like the lion with the thorn in its paw.

Tears in my eyes, I was fortunate enough to stumble thru the door of Elements Esthetics Studio, at the Gold Rush Inn, and see the smiling face of Mandy Partridge — esthetician and certified podiatrist, 668-2430. Oh indeed how lucky I was! Partridge not only saved my toe, but restored sanity to myself and loved ones!

You see, she is the only person that I know of, from here to Virginia, that is trained in putting nail braces on cuticles — this, believe it or not, causes the nail to grow wider — and, yes indeedy, stops it from becoming ingrown.

My success rate is 100 per cent.

The ugly monster nail also begins to look more attractive.

No more need to close my eyes when I put on my sock.

Partridge has saved me many a time over the past few years and I am so grateful for her skill and commitment.

We are fortunate indeed to have such a great experienced podiatrist here in the Yukon.

Thank you Mandy.

Deb Loeks