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Another side to the story Re Yukon man’s bail request rejected (the News, October 31): I personally know the individual who was slandered…

Another side to the story

Re Yukon man’s bail request rejected (the News, October 31):

I personally know the individual who was slandered with such a mind-blowing attack, and I am taking the time to address this with my opinion.

First of all, without having any of the accusations dealt with in court — aka trial — I strongly believe that names should have been withheld from the public’s eye. This is due to the fact that nothing has been proved in front of the courts so, in reality, it is all just hearsay.

Another matter involving the publication of the individual’s name is the damage and problems that are to be caused for the individual’s children, but just not them — you also affect the people who are in close relationships to the individual. This is not just ruining his life, but those around him as well.

Yet, there is still another thing that is wrong with this entire story — it is one-sided, which is all hearsay.

There is absolutely piss all in this article of the slandered individual’s side defending himself to any of these accusations from the other party.

I can say that a great percentage of information posted is merely nothing but a bunch of neverending lies, which are BS!

This individual is not denying a few of the events that occurred, but for the rest of it — he is not going to admit he did something that he just absolutely “did not” do!

In a relationship there are two people involved, so why isn’t the other party’s history looked at?

Why is this matter overlooked and one person blamed for everything when there is absolutely nothing of the other party? Seems very fishy to me.

Also, what happened to the nine months that aren’t there?

It is like he has magical powers to disappear and not be known of for many months until he all of sudden reappears out of the blue.

As I have mentioned, I have known this individual for quite a good length of time and have gotten to know him very well.

I have witnessed this person under the high influences of alcohol, which just brings him to the level of silliness of a drunken rodeo clown.

Everything that has been thrown at him in this article is completely the opposite of exactly how this individual really is.

I am not the only one that could say this because there are actually a great deal of people that could disagree with all the information in the article. They agree with me that the personality of this one individual is nothing close to how he is now labeled.

To have this devoted individual in my life — I am blessed.

From my own experience with the accused, I witness a very dedicated individual.

He is a devoted father to his children, he is a dedicated (hard) worker, and he is a sensational person.

I am proud to have this person in my life.

Like I said before, this individual is nothing close to the assertions being thrown out in public.

This whole never ending circumstance of games, lies and life-ruining is enough!

Paula F.

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