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Editorial an insult I am compelled to write to you after reading the editorial on Friday. Bea Felker has worked as a nurse for more than 30 years.

Editorial an insult

I am compelled to write to you after reading the editorial on Friday.

Bea Felker has worked as a nurse for more than 30 years.

Bea worked throughout northern Canada, but, thankfully for my father, siblings and I, decided to make the Yukon home. 

During her more than 25-year career of nursing in the Yukon, she has worked in almost every community, from the days of one-nurse facilities in Carmacks in the ‘70s; then after my brother, sister and I were born, we moved to Beaver Creek, Teslin, then Dawson.

My parents have since moved to Whitehorse for the past seven years, where she has taken on the demands of EMS in the past couple of years.

When it comes to her job, Felker is the most dedicated person you will ever meet. 

She has a passion for her work that I can only dream of.

Felker puts absolutely everyone before herself; she is modest, hardworking, respectful, ethical, understanding — I can only hope to be considered half the woman that she is. 

Felker’s life work has been in the Yukon, for Health and Social Services.

She has always worked hard not only as a nurse/manager, but as a mother and a very active community member wherever she has lived.

She has been an asset to the Yukon since her arrival here in 1977.

I, among a lot of other people, were ecstatic when we heard the news of Felker getting nominated for the award, as she has worked very long and very hard and is so incredibly deserving of such an honor.

The article that you printed was insulting to the entirety of her career of putting others first, and a work ethic that is second to none.

I am infuriated that you would attack someone so personally, without researching what the award is about and who actually nominated her for that award.

You call yourself an editor, maybe you should learn to be one, research your material and get both sides of the story before you go around insulting people.

Skye Felker

Calgary, Alberta

Arrest conjures


As a parent who calls Teslin home, I was very hurt and betrayed by the recent events surrounding a longtime employee of Teslin School being caught possessing child porn.

I was terrified that one of my family might have been a victim, but, luckily so far, that is not the case.

I also want to express my disappointment with myself.

Not that I knew anything of his sickness or his actions, even though I always felt a little cautious around him.

Not that he did anything to attract attention… but that is what actually caught my attention.

I never saw or heard of him romantically involved with anyone, male or female.

It’s when someone “hides” their sexuality so privately that always concerns me.

A repressed sexuality is an unhealthy sexuality that can manifest itself in unhealthy ways.

I just thought that he was a “closet case” gay as many are, and I left it at that as he wasn’t my type.

Now I want to clarify that I don’t think “closeted” gays are unhealthy, what is unhealthy is that many feel it is unsafe to be open about who they are.

So their “hiding” is a survival reaction to a society that still in many ways persecutes them.

As a very open, “loud and proud” Two-Spirited Tlingit Man, I still understand those who are afraid because I also am a recent survivor of “gay-bashing” myself.

I am most upset about my reaction to this news.

I automatically assumed that it was pictures of underage boys that this person had in his possession.

I never realized that I was subconsciously conditioned by society to place homosexuality & pedophilia under the same deviant umbrella.

I was concerned that this would be used by the “Christian Right” to once again attack homosexuals as deviants and a threat to the “family.”

I was actually surprised when I heard that it was pictures of underage girls that he had and then I thought, ‘Who’s going to protect our children from the heteros?’

If I wanted to be a gay zealot, I would be going on all the talk shows promoting homosexuality as the only cure to our social ills… but I know better!

Pedophilia is a sickness as it involves underage children who are not old enough to consent to sexual behaviour and has nothing to do with heterosexuality or homosexuality.

What consenting adults do among themselves is nobody’s business except theirs, and theirs alone, as it is a healthy expression of their natural sexuality.

The real threat to society and the “family” is when people are made to feel dirty and ashamed of their natural sexuality by religions and institutions.

The threat comes in “unhealthy” expressions of repressed sexuality where innocent people get hurt.

Look at how many Catholic priests repressed their healthy sexuality and then expressed it in an unhealthy way by abusing children.

So while I am not making excuses or condoning what this person did — in the end we all have the power to choose — I am pointing the finger at those Churches and institutions that are partly responsible for helping to get us to where we find ourselves today.

If you continue to go around preaching about how scary sex is then stop acting surprised when sex gets expressed in scary ways.

The one finger you point to accuse with has four pointing back at you.

I offer my prayers for this friend of mine, as I still consider him my friend, that he be healed of this sickness and may one day learn to express his sexuality in healthy ways.

I also pray, for myself and the rest of society, that we be freed from our residual brainwashing and once again celebrate sex as healthy and natural and then find other sexy consenting adults to celebrate with!

Duane Gastant’ Aucoin


Sculpture exploits dogs

Unknown numbers of dogs have been bred/produced, “used” and “abused” and killed in the name of “mushing” and “service.”

Therefore, I hope mayor and council of Whitehorse will see the proposed sculpture of dogs pulling a sled for what it truly is —the exploitation of dogs.

Exploitation of dogs is not something to be proud of, nor is it an appropriate tourist attraction.

If a monument of sorts must be displayed, a memorial for the unknown dogs would be more appropriate and respectful.

Mike Grieco


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