Letter to the Editor

Animal rights know-nothings I’m compelled to write to you regarding your seeming support of public bullying of dog mushers.

Animal rights


I’m compelled to write to you regarding your seeming support of public bullying of dog mushers.

Although I understand that your editorial space is meant to provide a soapbox for all opinions, I must protest enabling the cruel and degrading public harassment of innocent members of our community.

I write, of course, in regards to letters and ads you’ve published from folks who feel that by throwing rocks at dog mushers they can somehow stop the animal cruelty taking place in their own backyards.

The latest re-hashing of the Heynen tragedy, a 20-year-old crime for which hefty penalties were levied by the Yukon government, (oops, they forgot that part) is a deliberate attempt to slander the Yukon people.

The writer also quotes a statement about that crazy American outside of Dawson who hoarded dogs, then killed them all when he knew the police were coming to take them away.

Oops, she kind of overlooked that portion of the story too, how convenient! 

But I pass the blame for that oversight to our local activists who omit these details to serve their needs.

These activists occasionally run display ads showing a photograph of a dog musher coaxing his pooches out from under his truck during the hustle and bustle of a race start.

This photo bears a caption that leads one to believe this man is dragging the dogs out from under the truck to beat the livin’ daylights out of them.

I call that manipulative fiction, false advertising and fraud.

Were I the musher featured in these photos I’d sue their butts off for slander.

Did they obtain a signed release from the person in the photo prior to publication as an advertising model? I suspect not.

It’s glaringly obvious that these so-called advocates have no interest in truth or facts and have no education about domestic animals and their origins.

Worse, they feel that by attacking some of the finest examples of responsible dog ownership they can stop animal cruelty.

How they make this connection I don’t know.

We owe dog mushers huge thanks for preserving the sled dog for future generations to enjoy and as a viable alternative to non-earth-friendly methods of travel.

When was the last time these people saw a draft horse?

Since they motorized the streetcars the magnificent animals have been disappearing as they’re no longer needed or valued.

Their only purpose now is to produce urine for hormone replacement therapy. Once science figures out how to produce hormones without pregnant horse pee they’ll be gone forever because that’s reality.

The facts are that without dog mushing there will be no huskies, plain and simple.

But maybe their purpose is to eliminate the breed? Or ban husbandry of domestic animals in general.

Chris Caldwell