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Bank aids evil green conspiracy


Open letter to the Royal Bank of Canada:

I am responding to your credit card application received this date. I am seeking the services of another financial institution at this time.

Your local branch office has held business accounts for me in the past. Your local branch office is currently (temporarily) holding the mortgage and a joint chequing account under the names of Wade and Marlene Carrell.

As you can see from the letterhead above I make my living from the mining industry, however sporadic it may be. I was made aware of letters published in the local newspapers, in October of last year and one last Friday. Find attached a copy of the aforementioned letters printed in the local newspapers (Whitehorse Star and Yukon News).

A grant of 0,000 from the Royal Bank to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Yukon may appear to you as a good and worthy cause and I applaud your other choices. However, you are obviously unaware of the ultimate goal of CPAWS and the Yukon Conservation Society.

Both of these organizations have spent years working diligently and subversively to create the ultimate World Heritage Park.

They have a mandate from their membership to achieve Yukon to Yellowstone Park. In order to achieve this goal, they must first eliminate all industry. Mining, logging, oil and gas, fishing and all business related to these industries. They even want to eliminate big game hunting.

They have members entrenched in government services and on various regulatory boards which oversee all industrial activities in the Yukon. They even invented the term stakeholders to facilitate their interference with legitimate business operations.

Yukoners as a whole are generally tolerant of misguided but well-meaning fools, especially if they come from Eastern Canada or the southern 48. Why? Because when they fail to gain the public support, to change this wholesome place into their version of paradise, they eventually and quietly leave for greener pastures.

Gentlemen, the misguided fools that you are funding are intent and committed to the complete destruction of our way of life and our society.

Allow me to quote Gayle Longley, RBC director of corporate donations, in an interview from Toronto. “RBC would also like to see a relationship grow with CPAWS where staff at the local RBC branch could potentially volunteer with the society.”

Gentlemen, this will not stand. The Yukon Prospectors Association is pulling its accounts with your local branch. I am seeking alternate institutional services and I have already convinced one friend to remove 0,000 from your local branch. I am not without some influence in this territory. I am a member of the Yukon Chamber of Mines and I will not tolerate any outside interference in my business or lifestyle.

Pardon me if I have caused you some discomfort. I am sure you feel some small amount of guilt for your share of the responsibility in our current national financial distress. Perhaps after you get your corporate bailout (bonuses), you will find the time to come and visit our pristine wilderness to see for yourselves the complete absence of development. If you have any concerns about how your careless generosity may affect your profits in the Yukon please feel free to e-mail me at, that I sometimes check for messages.

Wade Carrell

Tanana Exploration Inc.