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Stephen Mills Jr.


Seven years have passed since you chose the next path in your journey. You also have some friends and cousins that are now journeying with you.
You have blessed the lives of your mother Marge Baufeld, father Stephen Mills Sr., step-mom Kim Greenman, sisters Lucia, Grace, and Lydia, Grandma Agnes, Grandpa Don, and your other grandparents, cousins and your amazing group of friends.
We talk about you and with you daily. You visit us in our dreams and you visit us in other ways. Your little sisters know you through your pictures and stories and join us in feeling your presence in other ways including the Raven that sometimes joins us and the Eagle that circles above us.
For those who remember you and smile and laugh, we share this together. You left us with beautiful memories. You are so wonderful to think of, but so hard to be without.

We think of your journey,
and of you resting
in a place of warmth, comfort
and safety.
We think of you as living
in the hearts of those you touched...
for nothing loved is ever lost
and you are loved so much.