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We said good bye to Greg a year ago on April 8 in Vancouver hospital after a fairly short battle with esophagus cancer. On June 11 we held a celebration of life party for him and sent his ashes down the mighty Yukon River and on their way around the world.
Greg was one of 6 kids born in Quebec City, they all moved to Montreal and across Canada.
He was predeceased by his parents and sister Carol, and survived by his sister Kathy and partner George, their kids Alex and Tara, his brother Peter and Cher with James, Catharine and Sebastian and his youngest brother Steven with his family Liz and Kurt.
He is also survived by his oldest brother Murphy in Vancouver, who was Greg's inspiration for coming to the Yukon when he was barely 17.
Greg got a job with the City of Whitehorse in the 1970s and moved on to working as a stationary engineer for the NCPC at Aishihiak Dam power station.
NCPC transferred Greg to Dawson city in 1983 and he found many friends and opportunities there.
After operating equipment in a gold mine for a while he signed on with YTG and held that position with the Dempster highway maintenance for more than 20 years, mostly at Engineer Creek highway camp in the beautiful Ogilvie river country.
He rented a little log cabin in Dawson fall of 1986 and never moved out. It suited him perfectly.
He worked seasonally for a while as he found spending time traveling, boating, camping and seeing his friends was a better use of his time.
Greg retired completely soon after and spent his last years happily independent with his cabin and electric bike.
He was one of the most authentic men I've known, embracing and enjoying modern technology while still living a simple, natural and uncomplicated life.
His last months were spent hanging out with his old friend Sue and spoiling her dog. His final days he was comforted by his brother Peter and friend Mary Jane.
He will be greatly missed by several generations of Yukoners.

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