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Yukon NDP name Lisa Vollans-Leduc as federal candidate

Vollans-Leduc named reconciliation, climate change and affordable housing as top issues.

The Yukon NDP has chosen Marsh Lake resident Lisa Vollans-Leduc as their candidate ahead of the 2021 federal election.

Vollans-Leduc made her campaign announcement in Whitehorse on Aug. 17.

“I’ve spent my life getting here today. When I made a little venture into a political position, it felt so great,” she said. “I’m really looking forward to being an advocate for all Yukoners by being our Yukon MP for the NDP.”

Vollans-Leduc has previously been an organizer with the Yukon Employees Union and the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

She is also a long-time resident of the Yukon, who lives in Marsh Lake with her wife and two dogs. She works as a policy analyst in the Yukon Government’s Health and Social Services department and is on leave from her job during the campaign.

Vollans-Leduc says the major issues which will define the election are reconciliation, climate change and a lack of affordable housing. Vollans-Leduc noted that she spent the spring and summer protecting her home from flooding in the Southern Lakes region.

She said she believes the federal role would allow her to improve relationships with Indigenous Yukoners.

Echoing the federal NDP platform, she called for higher taxes on the wealthiest individuals and companies in order to recover from the pandemic.

“We need to get out of this pandemic and it’s going to be expensive. So tax fairness, by ensuring the ultra rich and corporations pay their share is a priority for the NDP and for myself,” she said.

“Why choose me? I work hard. I’m a tireless advocate. I volunteered for many years in the role of supporting people and advocating for worker’s rights,” she said. “I believe representing all Yukoners doesn’t mean just people who vote NDP, it’s all Yukoners we have an obligation to.”

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