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Aerial tours to wildlife encounters, 10 ways to enjoy a Yukon summer

Visit Yukon’s Tombstone Territorial Park for a day immersed in dramatic tundra scenery.

The heart of western Canada’s rugged north, the Yukon calls adventurers with its untamed wilderness and rich cultural tapestry. And as the sun shines for nearly 21 hours a day during July, here are 10 ways to make the most of your summer adventure.

1. Flightseeing and outdoor adventures

Start your journey with a bird’s eye view of Yukon’s majestic landscapes. Flightseeing tours offer panoramic vistas of glacier-fed lakes and towering peaks, showcasing the region’s rugged beauty.

Those who like to keep their adventuring feet on the ground will find a wide variety of outdoor activities, from hiking along scenic trails to peaceful fishing expeditions in pristine waters.

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2. Embrace the Midnight Sun

Take advantage of the endless daylight to explore late into the evening. Whether hiking the Kluane National Park or relaxing by a lakeside campfire, the midnight sun provides ample time to soak in nature’s wonders.

3. Experience Gold Rush History in Dawson City

Step back in time in Dawson City, the heart of the Klondike Gold Rush. Visit the Dawson City Museum to uncover tales of fortune seekers and explore First Nations heritage. Join a Parks Canada walking tour to explore historic sites like the Commissioner’s Residence and the vibrant nightlife at Diamond Tooth Gerties, Canada’s oldest casino.

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4. Canoe the Yukon River

Paddle the storied Yukon River, retracing the paths of 19th-century prospectors. Encounter wildlife such as moose and bears as you glide past tranquil forests and rugged landscapes. Camp under the midnight sun for an authentic wilderness experience.

5. Tombstone Territorial Park Day Trip

Venture north to Tombstone Territorial Park for a day immersed in dramatic tundra scenery. Hike to the Tombstone lookout for breathtaking views of Mount Monolith and enjoy the park’s interpretive programs that highlight its unique flora and fauna.

6. Wildlife Encounters

For wildlife enthusiasts, the Yukon offers unparalleled opportunities. From spotting Dall’s sheep along hiking trails to encountering muskox and caribou on remote river rafting expeditions, the Yukon’s vast wilderness teems with natural wonders.

7. Explore Indigenous Culture

Visit the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Cultural Centre in Dawson City to learn about the rich heritage of the region’s First Nations people. Participate in cultural experiences like traditional fish wheel demonstrations and storytelling sessions that offer insights into Yukon’s indigenous past.

8. RV Adventure Across Scenic Highways

Embark on a road trip along the Klondike Highway, stopping at Braeburn Lodge for their famous cinnamon buns and the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake. Traverse the Southern Lakes loop for historic sites and breathtaking vistas beneath the towering Saint Elias Mountain Range.

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9. Rafting on the Tatshenshini River

For thrill-seekers, rafting the Tatshenshini River promises adrenaline-pumping rapids amid spectacular scenery. This Canadian Heritage River flows through protected biospheres and offers encounters with glaciers and abundant wildlife, making it a bucket-list adventure.

10. Boats, trains and historic trails

Explore the historic village of Carcross. Visit Carcross Commons for coffee, unique boutiques, and traditional crafts. See the remains of S.S. Tutshi and historic buildings on Dawson Charlie Street. Hike the historic Chilkoot Pass, an ancient Tlingit trade route.

Plan your Yukon adventure today and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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