Yukonomist Keith Halliday

Yukonomist: The K-shaped economic recovery and what Yukoners can do about it

It looks like COVID-19 will play the role of Grinch this holiday…

Yukonomist Keith Halliday
Yukonomist Keith Halliday

Yukonomist: COVID-19 strikes another blow at high-school students

They don’t show up very often in COVID-19 case statistics, but they…

Yukonomist Keith Halliday
Yukonomist Keith Halliday

Yukonomist: Left hands and right hands in government

There’s an old cliché that government left hands don’t know what government…

Yukonomist Keith Halliday
Yukonomist Keith Halliday

Yukonomist: The Power of Spend

Innovation is a buzzword heard in economic development meetings from Whitehorse to…

Yukonomist Keith Halliday

YUKONOMIST: Cabin fever in the age of COVID

Cabin fever was a major menace to Yukoners’ mental health back in…

Yukonomist Keith Halliday

Yukonomist: Irony versus Climate

Lately it seems like Irony has taken over as Editor-in-Chief at media…

Yukonomist Keith Halliday
Yukonomist Keith Halliday

Yukonomist: You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone

When I was a kid, CP Air had a monopoly on flights…

Yukonomist Keith Halliday

Yukonomist: All the way with A2A!

Finally, a ray of joy! Just when 2020 was feeling like a…

Yukonomist: Never let a crisis go to waste

Never let a crisis go to waste. That was the catchy motto…

Yukonomist: What does your “new normal” look like?

As the immediate shock of the COVID-19 crisis wears off, it is…

Yukonomist: Cash is king during COVID-19

In normal times, economists will tell you to manage your long-term profitability.…

Yukonomist: A sudden squall on Lake Bennett

COVID-19 has hit the Yukon economy like a sudden late-afternoon squall on…

Yukonomist: Don’t be that person

Back in the Yukon’s early days, visitors were often astonished at how…

Yukonomist: Steering your business through COVID-19

While “proofing” your business against the impacts might not be possible, being prepared is.

Yukonomist: Budget 2020: Borrowing to keep the good times rolling

Another year of record government spending thanks to the distant taxpayers of Southern Canada.

Yukonomist: Silvertip, Covid-19 and the Yukon economy: Chapter 1

Covid-19 has just delivered a crushing head-down bodycheck to markets.

Yukonomist: We’re all in this together

We need to do better than the way the male candidate for the crown was treated

Yukonomist: Whitehorse through the eyes of an app

You probably don’t use an app to decide where to dine out…

Yukonomist: Three questions on Yukon Zinc and China

The case heard recently in Yukon Supreme Court is particularly troubling

Yukonomist: Forty @ Forty Below: Celebrating a 292-page legal text

If you put the UFA to music, it would be a multi-day Wagnerian opera sung by teams of lawyers.