Schwatka Lake. (Joel Krahn/Yukon News)

Yukon summer had above-average temperatures, normal precipitation: meteorologist

Summer temperatures above normal, winter temperatures, precipitation yet to be determined


Northern weather stations are now primed to make more accurate predictions

The ‘supersites’ are located in Whitehorse and Iqaluit


Spring-like temperatures break Yukon records

This week’s unusually warm weather broke records, but it won’t be around for much longer


Everything you need to know about wind chill

An Environment Canada warning preparedness meteorologist breaks down the winter value

Yukon Arctic Ultra nears end after frigid delay

‘That moment I cannot get my crew out there to pick somebody up is the moment I have to stop the race’

Blame Hawaii for Yukon recent warm snap

Temperatures at the first half of the month were ‘incredible,’ says meteorologist

Santa shows despite lack of snow at annual Santa Land in Whitehorse

‘We were flexible with mother nature’

Whitehorse summer more rainy than average

Environment Canada records rainy June and July

  • Jul 17, 2017