Santa Claus

Santa rides in the back of a pick-up truck during the Ross River Santa parade. This is the first year the community has hosted a Christmas parade. (Submitted)

Ross River hosts first ever Christmas parade

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Santa Claus is coming to town

Parade set for Main Street Dec. 7


Garbage Truck Santa gets a transmission for Christmas

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Santa needs a new transmission

Garbage Truck Santa hopes to have his truck fixed up in time for the Christmas season

Santa shows despite lack of snow at annual Santa Land in Whitehorse

‘We were flexible with mother nature’

Santa’s coming to town: Casino Mining Corp. fronts cash for parade

‘We’re not doing an event for free’

Santa Claus to skip Whitehorse this year unless funding found

’We’re a not-for-profit. If we don’t have the money for an event we don’t put it on’