Today, you can climb aboard the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway to retrace prospectors’ journeys during the Klondike Gold Rush. Photo courtesy Travel Yukon.

All aboard! Train traces the epic Klondike journey

What do the Eiffel Tower, the Panama Canal and the Statue of…


Ione Christensen, the first woman to be elected mayor of Whitehorse in 1975 and the first woman appointed as Commissioner of the Yukon in 1979 along with a number of other roles throughout her career, is a member of the Pioneer Women of the Yukon organization that worked to write biographies and get photos of each trailblazer to be featured in the 2021 Trailblazing Women of Yukon calendar. (Crystal Schick/Yukon News)

Trailblazing Women of Yukon calendar released for 2021

Work already underway for 2022 calendar


Hard travel over the Yukon’s winter trails

The overland trip to Dawson City today is a cakewalk compared to a century ago

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Celebrating 40 years of celebrating Yukon’s history

This year the Yukon Historical and Museums Association marks a major milestone

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New Gold Rush novel full of historical hogwash

No Time To Bury Them undermines its own authenticity with goofy gunfights

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Straight and true: the story of the Yukon colours

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Let’s all celebrate Joe Boyle’s birthday

He financed a machine gun unit for WWI, escaped Russia and befreinded the queen of Romania

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Remembering the fallen of World War I

For Yukoners, the end of the war was a complicated affair

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Yukon Women and the vote, Part 2

How the temperance movement mobilized the push for women’s suffrage

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Remembering four Yukoners killed in the First World War

Four brave Yukon soldiers were killed 99 years ago

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Theatres of the Yukon’s Klondike Gold Rush, Part 2: 1898

The character of the gold rush city became one of rapid growth and wild excess

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The bishop, the madman, and murder

In 1886, four men left Victoria, B.C. for the Yukon. Within months, one of them would be dead

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Kluane country is filled with history — and memories

The Alaska Highway route was a feat of engineering — and a profound injustice

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Archaeologist salvages Skagway’s Gold Rush history by sifting through trash

Newly unearthed site Chilkoot Trail site was at risk of washing away