Yukon speed skaters prepare for AWG

Blades met ice on Sunday when the Yukon Amateur Speed Skating Association and the Whitehorse Rapids Speed Skating Club held their short track trials…

Blades met ice on Sunday when the Yukon Amateur Speed Skating Association and the Whitehorse Rapids Speed Skating Club held their short track trials for the upcoming 2008 Arctic Winter Games.

Named to the team are Heather Clarke, Emily Klassen, Ryan Burke, Shea Hoffman, Kevin McLachlan, and Zach Smart in the juvenile division.

Claire Kiemele, Jo Pearson-Bouchard, Melanie Tait, Donald Fortune, Martin Nishikawa and Troy Henry will skate in the junior division. These 12 skaters will represent Yukon in Yellowknife in March.

Henry is a solid bet for the podium — he won four golds at the last AWG in Kenai, Alaska. “I think he’ll do quite well — he’ll be gunning for AWG records,” said coach Phil Hoffmann.

Tait, Fortune, and Nishikawa are also AWG veterans.

In addition to selecting the AWG team, races were held for all members — from beginners who had never toed the line to the more experienced master skaters.

An impressive 21 personal bests were achieved on Sunday including four by Emily Klassen who bettered her own times in all her races, and Ryan Burke who set personal bests in three of his four distances.

Other skaters who set new best times include Heather Clarke, Shea Hoffman, Phil Hoffman, Claire Kiemele, Melanie Tait, Jakov Tokic, Kevin McLachlan, Jo Pearson-Bouchard, Will Rees and Zeb Berryman.

AWG veteran Troy Henry is heading out to the Calgary Olympic Oval for the Western Canada Cup this weekend. The next major competition for most of the team will be the RU Fast Meet in Calgary in February, just in time to tune up for the AWG.


Minor Hockey

Atom Division (Saturday)

Pearson Dental 6

Jen-Tech 6

Riley Smoler scored two for Pearson, and Max Clarke, Luke McGrath, Ryan Edwards and Nicholas Guenette scored as well. Kailen Gingell took the MVP honours.

Riley Bedard netted the hat trick for Jen-Tech, and Nicholas Light added a pair. Zachary Giczi netted the sixth goal to keep things even, and Henry Bearisto was named player of the game.

Bantam Division (Sunday)

Duncans 7

Takhini Transport 2

Bradley Koprowsky scored three for Duncans, and Rory Gibson netted two goals and two assists. Madrick Morin-Perreault scored and assisted on three more, and Ben Pereira added a goal as well.

Goal scorers for Takhini Transport were Jared Worsfold and Kalin Slough.


Basketball League

Sunday results:

Airport Chalet 49

Kopper Kweens 47

High scorers — Airport Chalet: Noria Deacon (18) Devon Hanson (12)

Kopper Kweens: Megan Freese (15) Kate Olynyk (13)

Feature Foods 54

Takhini Gas 46

High scorers — Feature Foods: Julie Cossette (16) Kelly Bapty (12) Anett Kralisch (12)  

Takhini Gas: Alcina Banks (19) Nathalie Genest (9)

Indoor soccer

Under-11 (Monday)

Assante Financial 8

Sportslife 2

Jakov Tokic led Assante with three goals, Trygg Jensen and Will Rees scored two each, and Jarvis Scheffen added one. The MVP was Patrick Scott.

Sportslife’s goal scorers were Benjiman Grundmanis and Garret Enoch. Jessica Wilson was named MVP.

Better Bodies 5

Kal Tire 2

Tristan Walsh and Noah Kitchen scored two goals each for Better Bodies, and Landon Worsfold added one. Quintessa Maltais was the player of the game.

Goals scorers for Kal Tire were Cody Sims and Chris Torgerson, and the MVP was Adrian Woodhouse.

Austring Fendrick 2

Physio Plus 1

Nicola Lazio-Fairman and Jacob Schwinghammer scored for Austring. Aidan Uiterwaal took the MVP nod.

Physio Plus’ lone scorer was Ross McBee and the MVP was Liam Evans.

Over-35 league (Sunday)

Quest 4

Assante 1

Adil Khalik scored two, while Brian Fiddler and Phil Jackson each scored once for the Quest team. Terry Markley got the lone goal for Assante.

Yukon Brewing 6

Pine Plumbing 1

Ante Tokic got the hat trick and Mehrdad Tirgar put in two for the Brewers. Gareth Howells got a single.

David Black scored for Pine Plumbing.

Klondike Copier 3

Pepsi 2

Dan Poelman, Arnold Hedstrom and Shaun Kitchen each got one for Klondike. Hermon Garcia and Mo Sahid scored for Pepsi.

Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister

Sportees Race Day results (Saturday)

All competitors won cash and prizes from Sportees, Aurora Booties, Yukon Brewing and Icy Waters. Volunteers received Arctic char from Icy Waters and lots of draw prizes from the sponsors.

Conditions were excellent. At minus 5 degrees, it was calm and sunny. The trail had thin but continuous cover, and was hard packed.

Top finishers:

Pet Dog Class (5-kilometres)

1st Asha/Jonathan F. Lucas, 16:07 (bike-jor)

Twister (19-kilometres)

4-dog sleds, except Jonathan Lucas, 3-dog skijor

1st Luc Tweddell, 51:04

2nd Eilidh Lucas, 52:12

3rd Jonathan Lucas, 53:51

4th Dominique Ouleray, 56:10

5th Maren Bradley, 56:16


The Reservoir Dogs tournament (November 23-24)


1st Mr. Red — 2,088 (Jeff Seaman, Jim Gilpin, Elmy Harris, Jean Beckerton, Shannon Tessier, Dawn Atkinson)

2nd Mr. Green — 2,051 (Troy Cairns, Jason Kelly, Eric Magnuson, Colin MacKenzie, Charles Stuart, Norah Mooney)

3rd Mr. Black — 2007

4th Mr. White — 1857

5th Mr. Purple — 1785

6th Mr. Blue — 1722

Most Targets Hit:

Troy Cairns — 20, Chris Toleman — 17, Chris Ziegler — 11