Yukon skiers excel at Nationals

Members of the Yukon Ski Team, coming off superb performances at the Canada Games, kept their winning ways intact as they hit the trails in their…

Members of the Yukon Ski Team, coming off superb performances at the Canada Games, kept their winning ways intact as they hit the trails in their first day of competition at the Canadian National Cross Country Championships in Quebec City.

Bryn Knight and Emily Nishikawa dominated the junior girls category, finishing first and second in a field of more than 60 skiers.

Nishikawa was only seven seconds behind Knight over the five-kilometre course.

The Greer family picked up a pair of silver medals. David Greer, who is having a stellar season, missed first place by only eight seconds with a strong finish in the Junior Boys’ 10-kilometre race.

Sister Janelle Greer took her silver in the Juvenile Girls five-kilometre event.

All of the races were skied in free (or skating) technique.

It was a great day for all Yukon skiers.

In addition to the four medals, Yukon skiers Logan Potter and Graham Nishikawa both hit top-10 placings, and according to head coach Alain Masson, “all of the skiers turned in great performances in their groups.”

Conditions were difficult.

While the temperature was a mild-sounding minus 9, winds gusting to 50 km/h and blowing snow made life tough for skiers and coaches alike.

Races continue today with classic competitions.

Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister League

Icy Waters Race Day:

March 18


Copper Haul Twister


1st Lee Kirkpatrick, 56:06

2nd Mirelle Schmid, 1:02:56

3rd Jonathan Lucas, 1:03:35

4th Carolynne Fujda 1:04:46

5th Sean Fitzgerald, 1:05:57

6th Karen McKenna, 1:10:48

7th Laura Taylor, 1:19:57

8th Genesee Keevil, 1:28:47

9th McKenzie Grant,


10th Ian Stewart, 1:31:02

11th Debbie Last, 1:33:47

12th Janet Kellar, 1:59:27

Kid’s Race (5-kilometre)

1st Jeff Diment, 12:26

2nd Finn Matrishon, 13:13

3rd (tie) Keegan Hopkins,

Katherine MacKellar, 13:32

5th Kendra Murray, 13:55

Non-sled dog race


1st Heather Desmarais,


2nd Rachel Westfall, 24:47

3rd Eilidh Lucas, 26:20

4th Dave Desmarais. 29:00

The sixth and final race in this year’s series is scheduled for March 31 at Icy Waters on Fish Lake Road. For more information check out www.copperhaultwister.blogspot.com

Wilfrid Charlie Memorial Sled Dog Race

March 17 in Carmacks

Results: Four-Dog class

(11.3 kilometres)

1st Ben Kinvig, 22:45:98

2nd Rachel Kinvig, 26:22:70

3rd Jonathan Lucas,


4th Mireille Schmid,


5th Carolynne Fujda,


6th Eilidh Lucas, 32:22:10

7th Georgie Charlie,


8th Kerstin Charlie,


Indoor soccer

Coed league (Sunday)

Yukon Brewing 9

Intersport 5

For Yukon Brewing, Rod Savoie, Lara Lewis and Ayman Tadros shared the scoring.

Notching one goal apiece for Intersport were Lisa Young, Josianne Markley, Kris Schneider, Bruno Bourdache and Simon Pulido.

Whitehorse Minor

Hockey Association

Atom division (Sunday)

Cinderwood: 6

Esso: 3

Cinderwood’s Kole Comin scored four times as his team doubled up on Esso. Nylan Duncan and Dakota Hogan scored as well.

Tyson Hope netted a pair for the Esso squad, and Alex